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If you're a teacher with at least one complaint or more on this site, you may have your complaint or complaints removed through a process of remediation with people working for our corporation.  I would recommend that you do not go to an attorney, because you will be out much more in cost than the cost of this remediation service and web sites are protected under a federal code for free speech in the United States of America.  Also, don't trust your union attorney to remove your complaints.  Your union attorney is going to say that "We can't do anything, because it is a free speech issue unless you can go to court and bring the students and parents in and have them say that what you did was a mistake or false."  Trust me, a lot of students and parents will not back down on what you may have done to them or their child, so instead of facing a more serious issue in a case of judgement against you which could really cause you to lose your job or never be able to teach in the teaching profession, you would be wise to pay a fee to us to remove your complaint(s) and in exchange for the fee, you will try the best you can to never mistreat students again.  The process is simple:
  1. Choose the correct number of complaints you want removed and click on the PayPal "Buy Now" button.  Complete the processing of the payment through PayPal and we'll receive notice of your request and begin to remove your complaints.  Removal through TeacherComplaints.com will be done very quickly within two days after we have received the email notification and we will also request to have the complaints removed from the major search engines, although it's possible the summaries and cache links in the search engines won't be removed until the next search engine spidering goes through and indexes pages and when it finds that changes have been made, it will delete the old text and take out all of the search engine listings of your complaints.  Please be patient after your payment has been made.  We don't check the email account everyday and sometimes a week or two will go by before we check and start, but once we discover payment has been made, we will get it done within a few hours and keep you notified at our start and finish.  Thank you for your order.

Complaint Removal Fee
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