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Hanley International Academy

Teacher: Mrs Kandt


Teacher Complaint About: Hanley International Academy - Mrs Kandt

Michigan, WAYNE
Author: Gloria Duren
Grade: 2

Occur date: Nov 01 2013
Post date: Mar 17 2014, 09:58:09 PM

Teacher Complaint: Mrs Kandt - Hanley International Academy

Bullying is the act of one person using strength or status to infringe on another person, whether with insults, threats, physical harm, ostracism, or infringing on their boundaries in any way that is not sexually charged. (To clarify, some see sexual harassment as a subset of bullying, but others see them as separate categories.) Although much bullying is peer-to-peer, bullying can be inflicted by an older person on a younger person or vice versa. Although school bullying is commonly taken to refer to students bullying each other, teachers can also be party to school bullying.

Teachers can be involved in bullying in three ways: as observers, as perpetrators, and as victims. As observers, teachers can help prevent or stop bullying or perpetuate it. My son is only 7 and was scared to go to school. I noticed over time that his behavior towards school was negative. He seem to love school until he had Mrs. KANDT as his teacher . I began to investigate a little more when my son kept telling me he was scared to go to school . I sent him with a tape recorder in his backpack and when I heard this woman emotionally abusing the class I was highly upset with the constant yelling and making students cry. this woman should be under the bus fired. When I brought this situation to the principal she totally ignored my request for a meeting. Never answered my phone calls never returned any of my messages or emails. This school has a lot of issues with teachers and staff bulling the students and its getting worse please ask your children daily how was there day and be involved and visit the school . If the school has a problem with pop ups like Hanley then there is a problem. The principal did NOTHING and the teacher is still CURENTLY teaching. They covered it up as if it never happened. Hanley International Academy allows there staff to emotionally abuse there children its not a school its a baby prison. Teachers should not have that much power. The principal. C> BOYER didn't bother to LISTEN to the recording of her screaming and yelling that was obviously out of control with name calling she was so loud I know other staff members know, they just don't speak up for children as they should. THIS is the worst school in Hamtramck MI I'm not the first to complain. I wish I would have pulled my children out and listen to other parents because my son was so emotionally upset that I will NEVER send my child to a school again. I am a home school mom because of this incident and as his parent I wanted him to feel protected and safe. Its heartbreaking that teachers abuse there power by calling 2nd and 3rd graders names MS> KANDT is Coward taking her anger out on children and getting PAID to do it should be a crime. So unprofessional that there crossing guard talks about the children as she crosses them . I thought they are to greet you in a happy way before you enter the building your being hit with negative words before you get to the classroom now how can a child learn like this when the adults act like children themselves. My complaint is for the teacher and the principal and the name calling crossing guard. Parents don't be afraid to confront these bullies because they will go on to hurt other children. TAKE ACTION it could affect a child for his whole life. Had to remove all five of my children from this school because they made a choice to keep her as a staff member ridiculous ..

Hanley International Academy - SCHOOL INFORMATION:
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