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Teacher: Darlene Miller

A bad Principal, for a bad school

Teacher Complaint About: Nyc Museum School - Darlene Miller

New York, NEW YORK
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 11

Occur date: Sep 20 2009
Post date: Oct 24 2010, 09:21:10 AM

Teacher Complaint: Darlene Miller - Nyc Museum School

Look, all of this started when I was in the 9th grade. Turns out, one skittish teacher started a rumor about how I was a threat to the school, while having no real grounds, sice I didn't really do anything.
Of course, they said that I did, but the claims were so bogus. People stated that I played videogames all night, which was the reason why I had a lateness problem, (I really had sleeping problems and came in so late that it was at the end of the day, there is no proof of anything otherwise), and stated that I was voilent, because of cheep doodlings I had in my notebooks of stick figures fighting, and spewing poorly drawn blood. This was in the 9th grade. I stopped at the 10th grade, but they still used it against me.

The guidance counselor tried to force me into therapy. She recommended Saint Vincents. My mother refused and signed me up for Jewish Board, Youth Counseling league. She had to pay for it out of pocket. Why didn't my mom sign up for the free stuff? Because sometime after, Saint Vincent SHUT DOWN. It was all over the news, remember?

Early into my first year, I was pulled out of class for writing a paper stating something like "If I could control the law, mushrooms wouldn't be illegal..." [joke is coming,]"...so I could eat the, grow to the size of a house and have 1UPS. Also, Master Balls would be cheap."
This is a gamer joke. Mario eats mushrooms to grow into Super Mario,
1UP mushrooms give the players extra lives.
Master Balls are a type of advanced capsule in the "Pokemon" videogames, a type of Pokeball, which allows the player fight and caputure weakened wild Pokemon, a Master Ball skips the fighting part, as it can capture any Pokemon under any condtion, without fail.
And extremely rare item, you only get one in the whole game.
A little later, teachers started comlpaining about my cheap drawing of agressive stick figures, but dark studen-made anti-smoking posters were put up in the hallways and left alone. (One showed Hitler thinking of stick figure jews in fear and bleeding saying, "I should have killed them with cigarettes".)

Later, The dean suspended me for typing into a computer "I hate everybody and I want to kill them". First of all, I didn't. There was no saved proof of this file. Second, even though a lot of kids said I did this, all interpeted it differently that what I really put down.
(I think I asked in this some-what-of-a-poem, something along the lines of "How would you feel if you attended your own funeral?" There was no indication of me in this poem, of any indication of hate.)
Also, this happened at the begining of the year. I got suspended in the MIDDLE of the year, out of the blue, without being told. Drawn your own conclusions.

While the majority of teachers found blame with me in one way of the other, Miller stands out because she is the PRINCIPAL, and did harm to me too.
FIRST, she accused me of putting students in danger when I did NOTHING.
SECOND, she told my mother that she could expell me, which under the Department of Ed, is illegal. She also stated that I wasn't a productive student. And told me the school's reputation was at stake.
THIRD, she denied it.
FOURTH, she said that I screamed and cursed at her, not true. Put me through a lie detector.
FIFTH, I have an education lawyer, and several other people from city authorities were involved. Miller still kept lying at everything.
All agreed that she a more of less of a bonehead.

By the this time, I was in the tenth grade, and Miller basicly had changed me from "dangerous kid" to "spoiled brat who skips school".

In reality, this is about how she did not like my work (mostly from the 9th grade), and kept it on record and tried to use it even when I was in the 10th grade, which she can't.
At every point that they could, I was offered a transfer.

Oh, and Miller, (Principal), Skirianos, (Dean), Masnick (guidance counselor, if you are reading this, kindly do not take this the wrong way; you are fools who are a waste of time and energy.
Try to pursue this, piss off.
In other words: STUPID actions look STUPID.

This is a report to a website where people report faulty teachers.
This is not a form of cyberbulling, and not here to upset people, rather, this is here to warn others. There is NOTHING you can pin down upon me, as I did no wrong or harm. Sending this file to my new school shows how much you want to use this to get me in trouble. However, I do not care who you show this to. This is the internet. PEOPLE MAY VIEW THIS BY THE TRUCKLOAD.

Yours truly,
Not telling, you should know by now who this is from.

Address: 333 W 17TH ST - New York, NEW YORK Phone: 212-675-6206

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Jan 06 2012, 09:06:43 PM

She was arrested for DWI. All over Google.
And I found this testimonial on a blog.
Who would have thought.

Looking back, I'm pleased whoever wrote this, wrote this. But his internet failed, and ended up submitting it, but not FINDING it here. Going back, I think, gave him a 404 error. Well. The message made made it. Eh. He was kid back then.

I claim Victorious.

A Student
Feb 18 2014, 02:40:38 PM
The principal is pretty much invisible, no student ever sees her do anything at all. Every now and then she goes to a classroom to make everyone uncomfortable but that's all she does. Miller sometimes holds assemblies but they are all the biggest wastes of time. The assemblies are all "do your homework, don't be late, you're going to be seniors eventually, you're going to college eventually, come to school, don't be late, do your homework." The latest assembly, I must say, she did make a new point. Her point was "It's cold outside." She makes no contributions to the school whatsoever

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