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Teacher: Nicholas Facciolo

Absolutely horrible.

Teacher Complaint About: Lakeview High School - Nicholas Facciolo

Author: Undisclosed
Grade: N/A

Occur date: Dec 18 2017
Post date: Dec 18 2017, 03:36:20 PM

Teacher Complaint: Nicholas Facciolo - Lakeview High School

Out of my four years of going to Lakeview, I have never had a worse teacher than Nicholas Facciolo. My sophomore year I found a large purple, red, and blue mark on my leg. I asked this man if I could see the nurse, and to my surprise? He said no. I had to prove the fact that I had this mark (which was on my inner leg) just to go down. I ended up going to the hospital to get blood tests; something which almost didn't happen because he doesn't have any idea how to deal with students.

He does things like this often. My little sister has him currently and apparently students who have the use the restroom are refused the right to do so; one girl was left with cramps after he made her sit back down for the remainder of class without using the restroom.

Additional moves Facciolo has made which disconcert me are:
- hiding an iPad in the back of his classroom to record students (it was for a college assignment of his, but he SHOULD HAVE asked permission to record us).
- taking our shoes if we need to borrow a pencil (like... really? This is the first thing he asks for.)
- refusing to answer questions posed during class ("ask three, then me"... except even after "asking three" he will not explain).
- refusing to teach lessons, and instead providing students with a worksheet and telling them to "figure it out".
- touching students without their permission

This man is being paid to abuse students and steal other people's worksheets from online. He is not doing his duties as a teacher and, personally, I would advise something to be done about his misconduct.

Address: 300 HILLMAN DR - Ohio, TRUMBULL Phone: 330-637-4921

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