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David Tibodaux STEM Magnet Academy

Teacher: Dawn Edelen

Abuse of Authority

Teacher Complaint About: David Tibodaux Stem Magnet Academy - Dawn Edelen

Louisiana, LAFAYETTE
Author: Jace Damond
Grade: 6 - Bus: 518

Occur date: Apr 25 2019
Post date: Apr 29 2019, 09:30:27 PM

Teacher Complaint: Dawn Edelen - David Tibodaux Stem Magnet Academy

I was leaving school at the end of the day after the bell rang and like all the other students I was going to my bus. When I was walking I seen someone and I started speed walking. The teacher I'm reporting then yelled at me and said, " You! Get against the wall!", that's when I thought she meant walk along the wall then she repeated it in a rude and disrespectful way. That cause me to turn around to she what she was talking about. Then when I noticed what she was talking about I went stand by her. Then she looked at me with a aggressive face that made me feel very uncomfortable. She then mugged me and seen that I was wearing slides. When the bell rang in my last class I put them on, and she said what are those. Then I looked at them and said slides. Then she asked for my id and I told her she can't right me up after school for being out of uniform because school hours were over at the time. The I told her that I would be reporting her and she told me go report her now but I had a bus to get to so I told her that I was going to report her eventually. I also feel sexually harassed when I'm around her. She isn't my teacher but I still see her often. She is always wearing close inappropriate. Once she was wearing a white shirt and I could see her bra which made me feel like she was being sexual with students. If the situation isn't handled I will take her and the school to court and press charges. My parents will go through the process.

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