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Woodbridge Senior High School

Teacher: Margaret Evans

Abusive, plays favorites, disorganized

Teacher Complaint About: Woodbridge Senior High School - Margaret Evans

Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 12

Occur date: Apr 13 2019
Post date: Apr 14 2019, 12:33:46 AM

Teacher Complaint: Margaret Evans - Woodbridge Senior High School

Margaret Evan's is a teacher at WSHS. She teaches Biology and Anatomy and Physiology. My student was in her A&P class.

As a former A&P teacher at the college level, I can tell you that Evans does not know the material and consistently marks answers wrong that are in fact correct on nearly every test. There is no schedule of topics to be taught or even list of topics to be taught. Grades are posed late. Teaching materials such as online videos are posted... usually AFTER the lecture. There is no review before tests. There are no written labs instructions, no PPT slides or textbook. In her rambling lectures she does not point out key concepts. She coddles her top students and ignores her average students. She frequently mocks questions and tells students that "they should already know this" or tells them to figure it out yourself. She is emotionally abusive as many students have dropped her classes over the years and filed complaints.

She does not respond to parent complaints and plays the "race card" to deflect from her poor performance. She demands "rigor" from her students yet falls far short herself indicating a lack of ability to self reflect.

This woman should not be teaching minors. She needs corrective remediation in teaching methods, attitude and course organization.

Unless your student is an ace at science and is willing to kiss up to the teacher, avoid Margaret Evans at all costs.

Woodbridge Senior High School - SCHOOL INFORMATION:
Address: - Virginia, PRINCE WILLIAM Phone:

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