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Teacher: Mr. Filipowicz

Assistant Principal that lies to parents

Teacher Complaint About: Independence Middle - Mr. Filipowicz

Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 8

Occur date: Nov 02 2017
Post date: Nov 27 2017, 04:27:11 PM

Teacher Complaint: Mr. Filipowicz - Independence Middle

Mr. Filipowicz was a lead investigator on an altercation that involved my son. I went into speak to him on 30 OCT (the incident occurred on 27 OCT) and he knew nothing about the fight to include the other two childrens names that were involved. I left and approximately two hours later he called me and stated that he was named the lead investigator and my son was found to be guilty. He did not find the third child culpable of having any physical contact with my son even though the childs own witness statement (that was only two or three sentences long) stated that he pushed my son. He also lied to me about what the other witness statements said (not thinking I would request them). He blatantly lied and conducted a haphazard investigation. He has been the root cause of people going to Advocate 4 kids (at least twice that I am aware of). I appealed the suspension and then the first full day that my son goes back to school, Mr. Filipowicz calls me and tells me that my son is guilty of a "perceived indirect" threat and will be suspended for two days. During this event he admitted to me that he knew that my son didn't intend to threaten the child but because the girl took it as a threat he had to punish my son. I mentioned the three DIRECT threats against my son where nothing happened to the children and I lost my class and told him that I did not trust him as far as his receding hair line went back and he begins to yell in the phone at me about how my son is guilty. I ask to appeal it and he tells me that my son is a threat to the school. I inform him that he just told me that he was not and he yells again. I inform him to stay away from my son at that time. He then informs me that he will as long as it does not impede his job duties. A few minutes later I am on the phone with a student advocate that is with my son and he allowed my son to use the bathroom. Mr. Filipowicz approaches my son in the hall and upsets him (my son has ADHD with impulsive behavior and it is in his 504 that he should be given time to calm down). Mr. Filiopowicz is not an honest person. He will lie. Ensure that you ask for witness statements, never talk to him alone, follow up each conversation with e-mails. This is not the only instance where he has lied in regards to what was said. He told my son that his best friend rolled on him in order to get my son to admit guilt. My son was innocent but it caused tension. He bullies kids. My son told him that he would e-mail him his statement that it is in his 504 plan that he is allowed to type written items and that his Mom and Dad told him to wait until they are present and Mr. Filipowicz stated "refused to write a statement" and then during his verbal interview (that Mr. Filipowicz could not recount to my husband an hour later) he continuously interrupted my son and told him he was not telling the truth. This man does not need to be around children and certainly does not need to be a principal.

Address: 1370 DUNSTAN LN - Virginia, VIRGINIA BEACH CITY Phone: 757-460-7500

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