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Teacher: Michael Mitrovich

Awful Physics Teacher

Teacher Complaint About: Council Rock Hs North - Michael Mitrovich

Pennsylvania, BUCKS
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 12

Occur date: Jan 20 2014
Post date: Jan 20 2014, 06:08:58 PM

Teacher Complaint: Michael Mitrovich - Council Rock Hs North

My teacher's name for the class of AP Physics Mechanics is Mr. Michael Mitrovich. I am currently failing that class this marking period, along with 9 other people. Some other students are on the verge of failing this marking period as well. I have never failed a class in my life before. However, due to Mr. Mitrovich's incompetent teaching skills, that goal of not failing any class in school will not be achieved for many of us. There are many things wrong with his teaching methods. One, we are assigned homework from previous official AP tests. The goal is to teach us how to such problems to prepare us for the AP Exam, not to assign us problems that we have never done before and grade us on these results. Two, he spends only a day each week actually telling us what a scientific term is. The remaining days, we are left to do AP Set problems (the previous AP Exam problems) and assigned homework from WebAssign. Three, we recently got our latest tests back, with horrible results. He made us take a whole new test a few days later even though he told us that he wanted us to make up the same test, thus leaving us in shattered moods once again. On top of that, this test that we failed was from a month ago. He graded the tests just a few days before we got them back, and made us take a new one a few days later. Mitrovich did not let us look at the mistakes we made on the tests. How are we going to improve on these problems if we are not able to see what we did wrong and learn from our mistakes? The fact that this material was also from a MONTH ago did nothing to help us.
However, he blames us. For "not studying". We are not able to study because he does not give us sufficient notes/lessons to study from. My fellow classmates and I are not stupid. I took math classes 2-3 years above my grade level, and obtained As and Bs in them. He is stubborn as can be by sticking with his teaching methods. The time that it takes for him to grade something also shows that he is lazy.
I have nothing against his personality. He is a good person. But he is a horrible teacher. Once again, his name is Michael Mitrovich, AP Physics M teacher of Council Rock High School North.

Address: 62 SWAMP RD - Pennsylvania, BUCKS Phone: 215-968-7000

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