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Teacher: Catherine Valleau

Awful Teacher

Teacher Complaint About: Geo Washington High School - Catherine Valleau

West Virginia, KANAWHA
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 9

Occur date: Sep 30 2018
Post date: Oct 01 2018, 08:12:29 PM

Teacher Complaint: Catherine Valleau - Geo Washington High School

Where do I start? First of all this teacher is trying to help me with my dughters in class and she claims that she’s helping making her life easier. She gives my daughter so much work and sometimes it gets hard. My daughter sent her a message saying that she finished it (Which by the way took 2 days to do and finish under really hard circumstances: she had a dead iPad, couldn’t do it on her school iPad, and she couldnt turn it in cause the website for turning stuff in is a nuisance) She then goes on there and messages her back saying that oh well I’ll help you figure it out. Why in the first place do she have to use that website when they have Schoology and they always used Schoology to turn their work in? My daughter she asked her if she could submit her work that she did into Schoology and he teacher insisted with the inaccurate website. My daughter sends her another message which she doesn’t respond to. My daughter figures out the reason why she didn’t respond. It’s because apparently the teacher actually gets enough sleep. Well funny thing is my daughter couldn’t get any sleep last night cause she was angry,upset,and was crying cause it wouldn’t turn into the website which they normally never use.The teacher sleeps at 9:30 and told the class that after my daughter sent her a message saying that she thought it was rude that she didn’t reply.My daughter didn’t know that she went to bed at 9:30. My daughter is a very emotional person and loses her temper and unleashes it on people she also gets very upset with people. My daughter also gets depressed a lot.She told the teacher that she’s like that and she won’t lose her temper.She then asked why we have to use the website to turn that work in and asked when we have ever used it (Which is never) and the teacher sees her after class and talks in a very threatening,scary,and harsh tone of voice telling her that how dare she Which I find is harassment coming from the teacher. My daughter only tries hard to do well in English and make us happy with her grades. I’m proud of her for trying her best. Which the teacher should be happy too.My daughter came and I can tell she was upset. We tried changing her schedule to put her in another class with another teacher but apparently we couldn’t cause at the first weeks of school you could do a schedule change. Then she goes home and sits in her room quiet upset.

Address: 1522 TENNIS CLUB RD - West Virginia, KANAWHA Phone: 304-348-7729

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