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Teacher: Brie Meschke

Bad Teacher=Bad Grades

Teacher Complaint About: Shawnee Mission East High - Brie Meschke

Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 10

Occur date: May 02 2016
Post date: May 18 2016, 06:55:05 PM

Teacher Complaint: Brie Meschke - Shawnee Mission East High

The teacher that I am writing about is awful at teaching, she knows her stuff but she does not know how to teach it. The stuff she puts on her review packets are not even close to anything on the test. I say there is 95% of the things on the last test that I have not even learned from her. She is a nice and sweet person but I honestly think it is not even fair for her to do that. She says "Okay guys study this list, the notes and do the reveiw and you should be ready for the test the next day or so I get the test in front of me and only two questions I know the answers to because we didnt even learn it.

Address: 7500 MISSION RD - Kansas, JOHNSON Phone: 913-993-6600

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Brie Meschke
Teacher In Complaint
Jul 23 2016, 09:21:21 PM
Bad teacher=bad grades? How about a college level class taught to sophomores of to which many it is their first AP class. 120 students taking AP, probably too many? Way too difficult for the average student. This is one of the most difficult AP tests (according to college board) and all tests are geared toward that. You cannot just memorize facts and be fine. You must be able to apply, analyze, interpret, write and defend an argument etc. Not every 16 year old can think in historical terms and support arguments at the college level. According to the complaint...... "she knows her stuff" that seems pretty important to me. Sorry you had a bad experience. Only 7 % of the nation got 5's on the test and 46% got 1's and 2's. A 54 % pass rate shows the difficulty of the test. I also ask if this person came to weekend optional writing sessions. Mrs. Meschke's pass rate in her first year of teaching was higher than the national average and many of those classes are taught to seniors.

Teacher In Complaint
Jan 02 2017, 12:06:32 PM
As a teacher I assume you are well aware that to teach means to engage students. It sounds like you stood in front of the class, lectured, bored, and read to them. All criticism has a kernel of truth. You expected them to come to "optional weekend writing courses"?? Seriously? That doesn't excuse not engaging them. You use the statistic of 54% passing rate like it's a badge of honor to be proud of? The fact that this much failure takes place speaks of the teaching skills and knowledge provided.. Not the test itself. So what did the 7% who passed with high marks provide? What did those teachers do? I'd be seeking out those methods.. Not proudly wearing a badge if failure and blaming the students for not understanding or relating to the material..

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