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Teacher: Mrs. Kerri Eriksen

Bad influence on students- my nephew was going to be her student this year!

Teacher Complaint About: Pine View Elementary School - Mrs. Kerri Eriksen

Florida, PASCO
Author: Kay Rothstein
Grade: 2

Occur date: Aug 14 2010
Post date: Aug 21 2010, 09:40:56 AM

Teacher Complaint: Mrs. Kerri Eriksen - Pine View Elementary School

Read the article yourself. She decided to drink and drive AND take non-prescription pills just days before my nephew was suppose to be a student of hers! I want to make sure parents and staff are aware of this and that we as parents and family members will not put up with this from our teachers!- Kay Rothstein

Pasco elementary teacher arrested on DUI, drug charges

Times staff
In Print: Saturday, August 14, 2010

LAND O'LAKES — A teacher at Pine View Elementary was placed on administrative leave after she was arrested on charges of driving under the influence and possessing drugs without a prescription.

A Tampa police officer pulled over Kerri Lane Eriksen, 28, at about 4:30 a.m. Tuesday on U.S. 41, about 2 miles north of the Pasco-Hillsborough county line. The officer had followed Eriksen's 1997 gold Ford Mustang for a few miles and had noticed her swerving multiple times across all three lanes of traffic, according to the Pasco County Sheriff's Office report.

A Pasco County deputy wrote that Eriksen smelled of alcohol "and had glassy eyes and slurred speech." She declined to submit to any field sobriety tests.

Eriksen, of 4947 Hartwell Loop, Land O'Lakes, was taken to the Land O'Lakes jail. There, officers discovered she had two Xanax pills and a quarter-tablet of clonazepam in her purse, according to a sheriff's report. She was charged with DUI, introduction of contraband into a detention facility and two counts of possession of a controlled substance without a prescription.

She was released later Tuesday on $9,000 bail.

Summer Romagnoli, spokeswoman for the Pasco school district, said Eriksen has been placed on leave pending the outcome of the investigations by law enforcement and the school district.

Address: 5333 PARKWAY BOULEVARD - Florida, PASCO Phone: 813-794-4965

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Jennifer Harvey
Teacher In Complaint
Aug 30 2010, 11:55:11 AM
I guess you don't know the backstory that the medicine was not hers, but for a loved one that she keeps in case of an emergency.

Amanda Taddia
Teacher In Complaint
Aug 30 2010, 05:15:55 PM
Who hasn't made a bad decision? So she had a night out before she returned to work.....so what. She chose to drive instead of taking a cab...bad decision. That was her wrong. I'm sure she was thinking about how she was going to get to orientation without her car, and probably did not realize she was over the alcohol limit. Kerri is not a personal friend of mine, but she is a friend of my 8 year old son who was in her class last year. I do know that she has a very big heart and has made a difference in my son's life. She loves children, if she didn't then she would not have gone to school to become a 2nd grade teacher. For those of you who judge a person because you hear that they have made a bad decision, God bless you, and I hope that when it is your turn to be recognized for your one bad decision that you will be recognized for at least one good thing that you have brought to this world.

jasmin valdez
Teacher In Complaint
Mar 28 2011, 04:32:35 PM
I was right that you were a bad person.I can't believe you.I thought that you were a good and awsome teacher.I mean your not a bad teacher but you need too stop what you are doing and think real hard.............now do you whant to go to jail again and be....be disgusting or do you rather whant a suessful life and a peaceful life too!!!!if i was you i would not do drugs,alcohol,or swalow a pill that i do not have to take!I was soooooooo falling in love with you because you were a AWSOME teacher and soooooooo cool!but since your doing drugs you are a total LOSER!!all im saying is please stop because im your bad child in your class.and god bless you and you need to go to this church all the way down hillbary county.the church is called without walls internatal church. just look for me jasmin valdez and eli. im going to be in the middle or in the back.see you soon!!!!!!!!!and make better choices please!!thank you!your student jasmin valdez.

Jillian Adrian
Teacher In Complaint
Jul 14 2011, 09:25:59 PM
Amanda, get a life, I went to school with this moron and my daughter was in her class. She's a stupid woman. Oh and Jennifer, she's carrying the medicine for a loved one? That's why she disclosed that to the police and didn't.....wait she DIDN'T disclose it to the police and got booked for that too.


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