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Teacher: Mrs. Havens

Bad teacher

Teacher Complaint About: Vinton High School - Mrs. Havens

Louisiana, CALCASIEU
Author: Undisclosed
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Occur date: Mar 12 2012
Post date: Mar 12 2012, 06:07:34 PM

Teacher Complaint: Mrs. Havens - Vinton High School

Mrs. Havens teaches Spanish 1 and 2. This is her first year at VHS. Many of the students were relieved to be rid of our old teacher because she was "mean" but with this new teacher we learn little to nothing. She crams so much into each day that she literally is talking so fast you can't understand her, if you take your attention off of her for more than a minute you will be lost with the assignment at hand! She will do flash cards in front of the class and will go through at least 5 flash cards every second, she doesn't wait to see if the entire class knows what shes teaching as long as one person knows it. She has no teaching strategy whats so ever. She will hand out a million hand out every quarter and we are expected to hold onto every single one of them, I literally had a stack 3 inches high at the end of this quarter! At the end of each quarter she calls a "binder check" where she will randomly pick 5-6 handouts for us to find and turn in for a grade and for each handout we don't have we lose 20 points. I don't know about anyone else but I don't have a file cabinet in my locker, keeping up with that many papers is ridicules! Furthermore, if you ever get sick and miss class, god forbid you miss days consecutively, you will be so far behind it is almost impossible to catch up. She also attempts in making the class fun, her latest attempt was writing and performing skits (a group assignment) each student had to write 5 lines each and perform in front of the class, but for the students that were absent the day she gave the assignment would not be in a group and therefor would have to write the entire script by themselves, and yes this is what she said! I personally don't find thats fair, what ever happened to "No child left behind"

Address: 1603 GRACE STREET - Louisiana, CALCASIEU Phone: 337-589-7223

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