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Teacher: Mrs Westbury

Being Rude to a Parent

Teacher Complaint About: Ps 46 Edgar Allen Poe School - Mrs Westbury

New York, BRONX
Author: Patrick Steele
Grade: 6 - Bus: NA

Occur date: Dec 06 2018
Post date: Dec 06 2018, 04:21:14 PM

Teacher Complaint: Mrs Westbury - Ps 46 Edgar Allen Poe School

Today, my son got into a fight with another student. Mrs Westbury informed me that they were teasing one another over several weeks. I texted the teacher Mrs Hilaire the following message via Classdojo :
I'm really sorry to hear that. I was in training in Staten Island. His mother informed me that he was being teased. How about giving him some extra work thatll really help him? Some reading &writing exercises, & math problems? Thist be disciplined for being teased & he'll actually learn something in the process....
She then told me that the principal called me while I was in training. When I called Mrs Westbury back, she aggressively repainted to me that my son, Tristan, was in a fight with another student & that he won;t be going on the trip tomorrow. She told me how she explained to Tristan that Fighting is unacceptable & that this school has a Zero Fighting policy & that if he wants to fight, this is the wrong school " . I asked let me ask a question t to which she said she wasn;t finished talking . At this point I felt like she was reading off an indictment & the sentence was unappealable. Tristan is in an ICT ( Integrated Co-teaching) class for kids with learning & behavior issues. I was trying to tell Mrs Westbury that maybe it would be better you give Tristan extra school work to do as opposed disciplinary consequences cause then maybe get something out of the negative experience. But I never got to say what I wanted because Mrs Westbury wasn't being respectful & polite.

Address: 279 E 196TH ST - New York, BRONX Phone: 718-584-4450

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