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Teacher: Bonita Lambert

Being Too Unfair Towards My Friend In Class And Does Not Take Care Of HEr fish Tanks

Teacher Complaint About: Warwick Veterans High - Bonita Lambert

Rhode Island, KENT
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 10

Occur date: Jan 16 2014
Post date: Mar 05 2014, 03:15:17 PM

Teacher Complaint: Bonita Lambert - Warwick Veterans High

Ok so I have a female friend who is in my science class and the teacher hates her guts.We took a test and the female student took the test and there was another girl who was absent that day and so the girl who was absent got 40 points and the girl who was in class taking the test got a 0.Then last Thursday,one of the male students was joking around with the girl saying that she was late so she flipped him off and the teacher freaked out on her saying that she flipped her off when the female student was shooting the bird the opposite way.So the teacher called the mother of the female student.She has a room that wreaks with fish because she has about 10 fish tanks and when someone says something about the smell,she says that either people have been putting junk in the heaters or its them that smells.I hope this problem gets resolved.

Address: 2401 WEST SHORE ROAD - Rhode Island, KENT Phone: 401-734-3200

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