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Teacher: Jade Dickerson

Being done wrong by this teacher

Teacher Complaint About: Grimsley High - Jade Dickerson

North Carolina, GUILFORD
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 9

Occur date: Jun 06 2015
Post date: Sep 21 2018, 08:25:10 AM

Teacher Complaint: Jade Dickerson - Grimsley High

Let me tell you the story, I'm going to be honest first though I was terrible spanish but i worked hard in school. For the final we had a speaking exam and during the exam it would be a partner the exam where one would be a waiter and one would be the customer and he gave us the script and if you just remembered it exactly you would pass and me and my partner remembered it perfectly. That is nice and all but the thing was my partner got sick and did not show up on the exam day and I asked the teacher if I could just use another partner or even him because we would be graded separately, but he did not allow this and made me come in during a make up day and made me sit through everyone else's discussion. So me and mt partner showed up on the make up day and waited about 30 minutes for him just to find out he was not going to come and then he said come on the next make up exam day and he still did not show up.So then there was no more make up exam days so then the teacher said he wanted me to come a day that was not even a make up day and i just made a really huge sports competition and he wanted me to miss it and my mother was not going to have that, so then he decided i will call him on the phone during the events break, so i did and when he calls me he gives me a new exam which was answering questions over the phone in Spanish and im not going to lie and say it was not advanced level Spanish but for a Spanish 1 student with no time to review for this new exam it was insanely difficult while the rest of my class got an significantly easier exam then i did and it resulted me in getting a bad grade in his class and for all the trouble he put me through and to fail me hard was not cool and not fair at all. I'm currently a senior now and this class was freshman year and his Spanish one class has been harder and more work intensive then any IB and AP class i have taken and this was not even honors or advanced it was just Spanish one. He is to hard on all his students and this class as a whole even before this exam was a terrible experience.

Address: 801 WESTOVER TER - North Carolina, GUILFORD Phone: 336-370-8180

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