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Teacher: Josh Lile

Beware of Josh Lile

Teacher Complaint About: Eisenhower Ninth Grade School - Josh Lile

Author: Itshailie_2u@yahoo.com
Grade: K

Occur date: Sep 12 2017
Post date: Jan 23 2018, 09:15:14 PM

Teacher Complaint: Josh Lile - Eisenhower Ninth Grade School

Mr. Lile is the reason why teachers get a bad name. He is lazy and talks down to the kids. My son comes home always telling me how his teacher Mr. Lile sticks them on the chromebooks for hours at a time with zero teaching. When my son asks for help Mr. Lile yells at him to go ask another student for help. This teacher needs to be fired and never let to work in another school again.

Address: 3550 W GULFBANK - Texas, HARRIS Phone: 281-878-7700

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Luz Guzman
A Parent
Mar 03 2018, 07:16:32 PM
This teacher is disgusting he took pictures of my child without my sons permission!

Gabriel Villanueva
A Student
Mar 10 2018, 02:35:47 PM
So, here is how things went down. The classroom settles down to listen to what he has to say, we are all sitting down waiting for him to say something. The first thing that he says is " So here is how things are gonna go, I already sent 5 kids to the office, I can send more". He is even lazy, he seriously said "After 10 mins of you guys sitting down, i will do attendance,". Then after 15 min, he would just stare at us like we are prisoners in a court yard. He shouldn't even treat us like some trash, he talks like he's smart to. Using words like "Complex" to describe how long our class "Survived". If you had to deal with a teacher like this I feel bad for you, since we all know how this feels.

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