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Teacher: Julie Breidenbach - Principal

Biased Breidenbach & Hateful Haley

Teacher Complaint About: Fairmount Park Elementary School - Julie Breidenbach - Principal

Washington, KING
Author: Fairmount Park Parent
Grade: N/A

Occur date: Sep 01 2017
Post date: Sep 01 2017, 01:37:24 AM

Teacher Complaint: Julie Breidenbach - Principal - Fairmount Park Elementary School

This school has a very unwelcoming atmosphere. It all starts at the top. I've seen time and time again how very condescending both Julie and Haley have been to our non-white families and community members. I keep hearing from certain families how great they think the school is because of the test scores. That’s a no-brainer when you have gifted students, but how about the black and brown kids who are falling behind? Julie has a shady history of serving one group while marginalizing another. This was a trend at Lowell and Thurgood Marshall. The real test of true leadership is when Julie is able to serve ALL of our families and not just an entitled few. While we're at it, let's bring on more diverse and culturally responsive certificated teachers. We need staff members that reflect our diversity. If not, we need new leadership who can address these changes.

Address: 3800 SW FINDLAY ST - Washington, KING Phone: 206-933-5360

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