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Brooklyn Excelsior Charter School

Teacher: Ms. Lakeisha Johnson- Lewis/ Ms. Jonita Hocker


Teacher Complaint About: Brooklyn Excelsior Charter School - Ms. Lakeisha Johnson- Lewis/ Ms. Jonita Hocker

New York, KINGS
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 5

Occur date: Sep 05 2007
Post date: May 02 2017, 11:02:14 AM

Teacher Complaint: Ms. Lakeisha Johnson- Lewis/ Ms. Jonita Hocker - Brooklyn Excelsior Charter School

This woman is extremely evil, disrespectful and mean. I once was a student of hers and I can tell you that she made my 5th grade school year hell. If she didn't like you she let that be know by the way she treated you and letting the kids pick on you. Kids that didn't finish projects were told to stand in front of the class and say "I do not care about my education and neither to my parents.". There once was a kid she caught chewing gum and she made him stand on a chair in front of the class with the piece of gum on his forehead with the projector light shining on him. I was made fun of by the assistant teacher Ms. Hocker because of teeth I was missing, sneakers that weren't up to date, stains on my school uniform and my hair not being done or "straight." I was singled out by Ms. Johnson and told to put my desk in the middle of the class room with my classmates in a circle facing me because I couldn't sit still. I was made fun of because my hair wasn't done and my uniform being too small. She always talked about where she was from and made herself seem like she was better than you. If a child had a problem with her, her favorite line was " Get your parents. I fight parents too." All of this by a teacher that was supposed to teach me and also be a person I come to when I needed help was the one to break me down. Still to this day I lack self confidence. Every year I moved up a grade I had a child come up to me that was in her class and tell me she talks about me to her students. Belittling me. Even after all she did to me I would still try and say hi to her and she would ignore me or even say "Dont speak to me.". That year broke me down and still effects me to this day. She shouldn't be an educator at all. That is not what a teacher is. The worst teacher I have ever came across in my whole experience in the education system. If she can do it to me, she can do it to anyone else's child. She no longer works here but I hope this reaches the school where she works so they can interview her students in confidence to see if it continues. Hopefully they tell the truth and not be afraid to speak up because I wished someone would have asked me and helped me when I needed it most.

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