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Collaborative Arts Middle School IS355

Teacher: Mrs.mathew


Teacher Complaint About: Collaborative Arts Middle School Is355 - Mrs.mathew

New York, QUEENS
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 8

Occur date: Oct 20 2016
Post date: Oct 20 2016, 04:00:59 PM

Teacher Complaint: Mrs.mathew - Collaborative Arts Middle School Is355

Every day since 6th grade i have been bullied by these teachers from 6th grade to 8th grade. So today my teacher ms Mathews was outside talking to the other students saying get to class and guiding them and when she came back my water bottle full with ice fell and made a loud noise so she came to me and said the whole 8th grade teachers are failing you stop disrupting my class because i could end your future. So im not gonna lie not everyone is great i got in trouble sometimes but not to the point where she wants to convince my teachers to fail me , now i am nervous scared like i want to attend prom trips and cool things but i just cant like also today i came late because i was with my mom doing something and the Q77 bus takes a long time to come so when i came she said john you came late to my class thats a demerit and i said why i did not even do nothing i was late for a reason and she replied so now your talking back to me and i was so tired of her that i said yes i am because you make no sense but then she said now your not going to the prep rally i am so tired of this teacher

Collaborative Arts Middle School IS355 - SCHOOL INFORMATION:
Address: - New York, QUEENS Phone:

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