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Teacher: Taryn Hope

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Teacher Complaint About: Interlake Senior High School - Taryn Hope

Washington, KING
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 11 - Bus: 226

Occur date: Dec 01 2018
Post date: Apr 25 2019, 02:32:14 PM

Teacher Complaint: Taryn Hope - Interlake Senior High School

Sure, if your idea of a good teacher is someone who delivers the same lecture year in year out for 20 minutes then sits at her desk and lets the students stew in their juice without providing any guidance or help, then by all means have your child sign up to her class. However, consider this:
1.In addition to spending most of her time sitting at her desk and not interacting with the student Mrs Hope is also known for giving homework that is totally unrelated to tests both in terms of difficulty since the homework is way too easy as well as in terms of content compared to her tests and quizzes.
2. Even better, she never corrects the homework assignments and therefore does not have any way to gauge student’s readiness for more complex topics.
3. She has no recollection of who comes to her after school tutorials for the same reason that she does exactly the same thing as in class: sits, peruses her cell phone and waits for the half hour to go by, surely not quickly enough. When we spoke to her she contended that our son never came to tutorials. Confronted by our skepticism she quickly backpedaled and added “well, maybe 2 to 3 times”. Wrong. While he had not come at the start of the year, he had been dutifully showing up for more than a month, except once when he had to go another tutorial.
4. Our son ended up having an ‘A” in his final test with her. That grade was solely due to the fact that we found a tutor who went through EVERYTHING with him, in effect teaching him Calculus (not tutoring), basically doing what Mrs Hope is paid to do … by us, unsuspecting taxpayers.

In conclusion, Mrs Hope may be a good teacher (an entirely debatable proposition) but it is hard to understand why she should be put in charge of such a complex math class as IB High Level 1. I would argue that her way of teaching would make learning the alphabet a struggle to anyone, regardless of their age. The real question is why does Interlake High School persists in letting her teach a class for which she is so woefully unqualified?… In this very forum people have expressed the same criticisms and reservations for several years with apparently no reaction from the BSD. Why? Does the career of an unengaged, passive and indifferent teacher matter more than the students for which she is supposed to be one of their intellectual development custodians?
We moved our son to a different class and he is thriving. Thank you for asking.

(I intend to send this comment to the BSD. Stay tuned)

Address: 16245 NE 24TH STREET - Washington, KING Phone: 425-456-7200

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