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Redken International Academy of Style

Teacher: Charrisa Banks

Charrisa Banks Not fit for teaching

Teacher Complaint About: Redken International Academy Of Style - Charrisa Banks

Nevada, WASHOE
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: N/A

Occur date: Aug 26 2011
Post date: Aug 27 2011, 10:55:37 PM

Teacher Complaint: Charrisa Banks - Redken International Academy Of Style

Charrisa Banks is one of the most disrespectful, rude, and vial people I have ever met. When I began my education at Redken, there were many days when I did not come to school because I did not feel that I could face her belittling comments and discrimination. I am speaking STRICTLY about her as a professional, and leaving all of her personal negative qualities that I've observed out. She has embarrassed me in front of other students and clients, altered rules so that they would only apply to me that day, and I usually avoid asking her a question all together because she's normally very unclear when she answers, and is rude when I ask her to explain it to me differently. This woman should not be a teacher. She has no patience with those who are learning, and refuses to alter any of her teaching methods to accommodate different styles of learning. I don't want to pay thousands of dollars to be afraid of asking a teacher a question. She has often walked away from me when I approached her with a question or needed help right in the middle of my sentence. She also takes her own paying clients when she's on the clock, so she's unavailable to students should they need her help. She gets her nails and/or hair done at least once a week by a student, but often won't let the students perform services on each other and claims that the students need to be available for a walk in, but the number of students who can take a walk in far outnumber the two teachers on the floor downstairs at night when she's getting her nails and toes done and requests that students "come back later" when they need her during her service. There is a rule that students are not allowed to park directly in front of the school, but every day, I see her menacing big black navigator parked directly in front. None of the other teachers do this as common courtesy for clients. The parking lot is huge. She can find another spot. Just yesterday we had an open discussion that was designed for students to address any problems they have been having at school or with each other, but suspiciously, we were not allowed to address any problems that we may have with teachers. This forum was directed by Char. I've thought about addressing an anonymous letter to the owner of the school bringing up these problems. I have discussed these problems with other students. Some thought they were being racially and/or sexually discriminated against by her. I have seen her roll her eyes and make faces at things I've said. When I've asked my peers why she's allowed to take her own clients when she's supposed to be teaching, and why she has the power to change rules at whim, and change them back again, they say "well she's been here for ten years". I do not believe that her time should dictate my potential as a future professional. I've given over a year of my life to have this woman control how I feel every day. It needs to stop.

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Bonnie Schultz
Sep 09 2011, 09:50:49 PM
This student complaint about Charissa is rude and this person that made it is a petty trouble maker. I have learned a lot from Char. She is very particular about the work that the students do. She does not want bad work going out of the school so she has the students make adjustments. That is not a bad thing. This student must think that she is to good to be criticised, so she will never be good at doing hair. This student is a trouble maker. This school is great.

Teacher In Complaint
Sep 16 2011, 07:33:23 PM
Bonnie that is a bunch of BS. Didn't you just say a couple of weeks ago: " Char would never replace you, when you retire, That you can't trust her and that all the students hate her, and that she can't get along with the clients. Everything that the student said is all true and you know it.

former student
Teacher In Complaint
Sep 16 2011, 08:57:29 PM
In response to the above letter. I started school there and was doing fine, until Char came up to teach braids. She was not there half the time or on here cell phone all the time. I took enough abuse from her and decided to drop out. I was consdering going back after Decemeber. But I just found out Char chased all the teachers away, and only Pat is left and she is leaving too. I will not go back to that S--t hole, as long as Char is there. There are to many other schools to chose from.

A sensible human being
A Student
Sep 22 2011, 12:58:02 AM
I guarantee that's Char commenting as "Bonnie". She would EASILY stoop that low.

Janee Tittensor
Sep 22 2011, 01:18:00 AM
I am very sad to see such hurtful, mean and illegal activity on this website. Slander is a very serious CRIME and punishable by law, FYI.
I have to say I am a former student of Char's and International Academy of Stlye. I actually chose this school because of Charissa Banks, I toured all other schools in Reno and chose IAS because of her. First and formost becasue of her extensive knoweldge of the Cosmetology field, ethnic hair education that no other school offered, and her passion to share her gift in the industry. I am ashamed that another human being can say these things and even more appalled that this site would allow it to be posted!!! I attended school, paid attention and learned from the "Best" and now I am a SUCCESSFUL SALON OWNER! Thanks to this school as well as this teacher that is being incorrectly described as. Now maybe if you put a little more effort into learning and stop wasting time posting things that are false, you could be successful as well.

current student
Teacher In Complaint
Sep 22 2011, 08:12:33 PM
Janee, do you even know what slander means? why are sticking your nose into school business. you are a successful salon owner because you have your snout up Lonnie's fanny. and when was the last time you did ethnic hair? Name one thing in the email that is not true and mind your own beeswax

Teacher In Complaint
Sep 22 2011, 08:35:07 PM
Is Janee saying she learned from the best. Was char the only teacher there. it seems like now all the other teachers are gone and new ones coming in all the time.and the new ones will leave too. I just get used to a teacher and then they are gone. I am going to transfer to another school next month, there are 5 other students who may go with me. I can't learn from char

loni casteel
Sep 22 2011, 10:07:41 PM
Yes there are other schools to choose from so I will be happy to withdraw anyone that wants to. No need to wait until next month. I will be in on Friday the 23rd right after I file my complaint with the Attorney Generals office about this racist hate crime. I have been advised to do this by a police officer as the Attorney Generals office will have the ability to retrieve the email and ip address of the anonymous posters. I should arrive at the school around 11:00am. This will end now.

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