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Teacher: Mrs. Christine St.eloi

Child Left Behind

Teacher Complaint About: Fulford Elementary School - Mrs. Christine St.eloi

Author: Undisclosed
Grade: K

Occur date: Jan 18 2018
Post date: Apr 18 2018, 10:33:09 AM

Teacher Complaint: Mrs. Christine St.eloi - Fulford Elementary School

Mrs. St.Eloi is a kindergarten teacher that only puts her focus on students that understand her teaching skills. My child has been attending Fulford Elementary since August of 2017. In the begin of the 1st 9weeks I never received a phone call or a bad complaint on my child so I’m assuming everything is going well because when my child is completing his homework he understands it very well. In December of 2017 progress reports were sent home the week before Christmas break. My child’s progress report was not questionable so I had no reason to contact Mrs. St.Eloi about anything. In January of 2018 a week after the winter break, I received a phone call from Mrs. St.Eloi which she stated “we need to have a parent conference about your child progress”.

I scheduled to meet with her. She showed me my child’s assignments then told me “my child might have a learning disability because most of the assignments my child doesn’t understand”. I specifically told her “ why are you telling me this now whenI don’t see what you are telling me and the progress report that was sent home in December looked great to me with no questions asked” she said “a progress report is just a PIECE OF PAPER”. I became upset at her words and actions.

The principle at the school is very rude and doesn’t like to speak with parents. I felt like I was in a hole as a 1st time parent I didn’t know what to do next. I went ahead and continue following my sons progress until next report for 2nd 9weeks was received. I contacted Mrs. Eloi to have another meeting she told me “a meeting for what i already told you what you need to do and that your child has a learning disability”. At this point I became very upset because from her words and actions she’s really not trying to help. My child does not have a learning disability he just needs to be watched closely, he gets distracted easily.

She complains about having too many kids in her class which she can’t just focus on a child that needs more help then the rest of her student. She avoids parent conference of you keep requesting if it which from my understanding parents are obligated to request as many conferences as they please. She will let her students fail and only help the students that understand her teaching. I never received any phone call, email, or note sent home based on my child progress from this teacher after our last conversation. I’m assuming she does not like speaking to parents if their child is not doing well.

I check the parent portal every single day I see my child weakness and the grades he gets on each assignments. She never contact me about his grades or anything. I believe she only help students that are doing a great job and just leave behind the students that are failing so pretty much if the child is there the child is just there.

I’m not sure how long she’s been teaching however her actions and how she speaks to me as a parent is unacceptable. She should not be teaching kindergarten AT ALL!!

Address: 16140 NE 18TH AVENUE - Florida, MIAMI-DADE Phone: 305-949-3425

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Ms. V
A Parent
Oct 22 2018, 10:06:17 AM
Please report this poor excuse of a teacher to the District so it does not happen to another child. You have every right to do so. Sadly there are too many teachers and administrators that do not care about their students and just show up for their pay check. Good luck!

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