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Teacher: Mr. Brett Smith

Completely disengaged lazy teacher

Teacher Complaint About: Johnsburg Jr High School - Mr. Brett Smith

Illinois, MCHENRY
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 5

Occur date: Mar 13 2018
Post date: Mar 13 2018, 11:17:47 AM

Teacher Complaint: Mr. Brett Smith - Johnsburg Jr High School

Brett Smith (5th grade teacher) might need to seriously consider a career change. When you mess with the students grades and improperly mark tests and other worksheets, your messing with the students life/future and giving both them and their parents an inaccurate view of how they are really doing. I've come to realize that he never wants to grade anything himself because he's too lazy. Whenever he does actually grade something he clearly doesn't pay attention and things that are really wrong go unnoticed. Our child honestly believes that she is getting straight A's/B's when she is really struggling with things she should not be. Now she will not be getting the help she needs and will go into 6th grade and probably fall right on her face and wonder why she can't pass the subjects she was getting straight A's in when she was in 5th grade. 3 different spelling tests have now come home incorrectly graded. One of those tests was marked 100% but actually had 2 wrong! Another math test was marked an A+ online and after acquiring the answer key and grading scale to check it over I was shocked to find that our child actually should have received a failing grade on it. This is so unfair to the children and very mishonest. If plagerism and copying/cheating is a serious offense in the classroom then this teacher should have been fired long ago since he is doing the same thing with these students grades. There is also so many corrections, re-takes, do-overs, etc that the parents aren't even made aware of. If a student does poorly on a test, normally it goes home so that the parent can see it and a parent signature would be needed. Nothing ever comes home for us to see. It just automatically gets recorded as an A no matter what. Our child told us they completed a worksheet in class which had 3pts total possible. Read the article then answer 3 questions. She received a 2 out of 3 after they exchanged papers to grade it. The teacher, obviously not wanting to record individual grades that might all be different says to them, "Everyone got a 3 out of 3, right?" Lazy! I get it, it's much easier to go down the gradebook and write a 3 for everyone because then it goes much faster and you don't really have to look at the names. There was another time the teacher ran out of time to give them a test so he turns to them and says, "Well, you all know what that means... You all get an A!" Excuse me?! If you don't have time then you either make time or then no grade is given. Nothing should be an automatic A. Now I guess every Friday is now free Friday where they just play games all day. Our child said for a while he had completely given up on teaching Science and they would have another whole period to do whatever they wanted after lunch. Apparently other teachers get mad at their class because Mr. Smith is always late and the class is a bit disruptive until he finally shows up. The list goes on and on and on. Many times I've requested to see tests and quizzes but he can't seem to accommodate. I'm assuming because it's more work for him. I've sent numerous emails which now go ignore. In the beginning I used to get a response, even if it was a week later. It's very disappointing to see such a lazy, disengaged, dishonest teacher. I can't wait until our child finally receives the proper education she should get next year.

Address: 2220 W CHURCH ST - Illinois, MCHENRY Phone: 815-385-6210

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