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Teacher: Thomas Warrick

Creepy inappropriate teacher

Teacher Complaint About: Decatur H S - Thomas Warrick

Texas, WISE
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 11

Occur date: Feb 14 2020
Post date: Feb 14 2020, 11:34:52 PM

Teacher Complaint: Thomas Warrick - Decatur H S

The new Spanish teacher “Señor” Warrick is new to the school. He always advocates drinking alcohol by telling stories about him getting “Wasted” and cracking jokes about students drinking even if they don’t. I’ve always been uncomfortable around him because he doesn’t care at all for his male students, only his female students. He is always complimenting them and throws sexual jokes around as if everybody is okay with it, I have tried to get along with him but he just refuses to have a conversation and get along with me. I also find it odd that he has a photo of a former student hanging on his wall, who is a female by the way. He also provides ibuprofen for students along with food in his mini fridge. Personally I have taken drinks from the fridge up until he told me he’s going to start charging money for them. I recall one day he was taking numbers for our recorders and he asked one of his female students what number she had, she told him she had number “diez” and he proceeded to say under his breath “you’re a diez” as if I wasn’t in front of him in range to hear him. There’s more but I think I’ve said enough. He makes me sick.

Address: 1201 W THOMPSON ST - Texas, WISE Phone: 940-627-2155

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A Student
Feb 14 2020, 11:43:05 PM
I agree with this complaint 100%, mr warrick has encouraged messing around in school and tells us stories of him when he was younger, this teacher has showed us a racist video broadly saying that Mexicans aren’t good for anything but lawn work and gardening, his sexual jokes are non stop and weird compliments never seem to end, he also has told a class that he would “do” somebody and made it clear that he meant it. I would appreciate it he didn’t judge anybody when mistakes are made in class and being such a creep

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