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Teacher: Ms. Jane Dineen

Daughter came home today with a bruise on her arm that her teacher gave her!

Teacher Complaint About: John F. Kennedy Elementary - Ms. Jane Dineen

California, SAN MATEO
Author: Anonymous - Parent Of Abused Child.
Grade: 5 - Bus: None

Occur date: May 26 2009
Post date: May 26 2009, 07:27:02 PM

Teacher Complaint: Ms. Jane Dineen - John F. Kennedy Elementary

My daughter came home from school today with a bruise on her arm!!! She told me that her teacher Ms. Jane Dineen told her to sit down in her chair. My daughter was standing up trying to get her shoe back on that slipped off and when she didn't sit down, Ms. Jane Dineen grabbed her arm and pulled her down into her seat!!! She left a giant bruise on her arm with finger marks and everything!

Address: 785 PRICE ST. - California, SAN MATEO Phone: 650-991-1239

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A Parent
May 27 2009, 12:53:13 PM
Oh my goodness! That is child abuse and this teacher should not get away with this! I hope she loses her job over putting a bruise on an innocent child. Some teachers over step their authority and she did just that. If the school doesn't do anything about Jane Dineen, I would file a child abuse report! She is a mandated reporter as a California teacher... she should know better!

A Parent
May 27 2009, 02:27:25 PM
I would contact Social Services. Take pictures and go to the police and take a warrant for arrest against the teacher for assault.

May 29 2009, 10:28:36 PM
Take Action!!! You have the right to file a Uniform Complaint on behalf of your child. Contact the Compliance Departmet of your school district and demand the procedures on how to file the claim. Don't wait...there are time limitations in doing this.

Teacher In Complaint
Aug 28 2009, 07:39:37 PM
I seriously doubt your daughter is telling the truth. She probably did something much worse than the story she told you. The teacher was probably frustrated with a class full of boys and girls who don't listen, are rude, disrespectful, and unruly. I doubt she hurt your daughter, but of course in today's culture where most people point fingers before examining their own behavior you'll probably end up getting a good teacher fired and in the process teach a bunch of unruly brats that ANYTHING GOES in the classroom.

A Parent
Sep 16 2009, 07:08:01 PM
I do not believe this posting for a minute

If this is true why are you wasting your time posting this on the internet; when a responsible parent would be meeting with the teacher and principal.

Maybe the child is blaming a bruise on the teacher when it could of come from someone who the child does not want to get into trouble; like a friend, boyfriend, girl-friend, step-parent, the possible suspects are endless.

If a teacher does something wrong the correct procedures are to meet with the principal and have the teacher present; so everyone concerned can address and discuss the problem.

I question how truthful this complaint is; if you are going to accuse someone of doing something and ruin their reputation why don't you sign your name.

Jane Dineen
Jun 23 2011, 04:12:56 PM
Please remove this: there are other teachers with the same name, and this turns up in searches.

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