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Olathe West High School

Teacher: Amy A Hoffsommer - Griffin

Despicable, Controlling, Belittling & a Bully

Teacher Complaint About: Olathe West High School - Amy A Hoffsommer - Griffin

Author: Undisclosed
Grade: K

Occur date: Aug 20 2018
Post date: Oct 02 2018, 09:26:27 AM

Teacher Complaint: Amy A Hoffsommer - Griffin - Olathe West High School

The date on this complaint is a multiple incident complaint. I only placed the date as it has escalated to a much higher level of non-professionalism than it was last year for my student-athlete.

My daughter plays volleyball and Olathe West is a 2 yr old school and I'm not here to say she's an angel, because she messes up just like all kids do. But when we were at a regional gold level tournament, I was approached a father, who I will call Matt, who was one of my daughters friends she played volleyball (VB) with at school, but we were on separate VB clubs and his daughter was going to a different local high school. He was talking to another VB player's father I never had met at this regional gold level tourney. Matt knew my daughter was going to go to Olathe West and play VB for the new head coach, Amy A Hoffsommer. Matt asked the other father to tell me what she was like. You see, his daughter's coach the previous high school year was coach Hoffsommer at Free State High School. He called her a control freak, conniving and just plain mean. Now, this was coming from a father who's daughter played for one of the best Gold level club teams in the region annually and was extremely talented and later that year was offered a college scholarship to play VB. So this girl was not a bad player. Her father continued to state how it required parents to 'suck' up to her along with her students to do everything she asked or coach wouldn't play the kids on the varsity squad. When I heard this, I took it with a grain of salt and now after my daughter has played for her and her coaches for the past two seasons, I'd love to only have these issues he described.

First of all, she's a terrible VB coach in the X's and O's part of it. She cannot evaluate talent and will place a player at the JV or Varsity level not based upon talent and skill, but how much suck-up that student and her parents have toward her goals and needs just as the father above described. My daughter, although not the best player in the school, is probably top 3 at her position at all grade levels (9th-12th grade) and yet she has been made an example by embarrassing her in front of her peers and demoting her on the team because she isn't the type of girl that sucks up to her needs and wants.

Secondly, my daughter has practiced everyday, arrived on time and did all that coach asked for during the off-season drills and scrimmages only to be demoted or cut down to the lowest levels on the school VB teams possible for her age when tryouts were completed for the last two years and then promoted an inferior and student-athlete that didn't participate in all activities required. She is never late to practice or camps the team represents.

Third, coach will actually put her hands on her to look over her body for tattoos, piercings and hickeys. She said once she saw a student brought up in front of the whole team, pull her hair back without permission and show ALL her teammates the hickey on her neck and then berate and shame her in front of her team peers to further control her team and make them do what she wants or fear they will be made a bad example of in front of the team. For her to touch another student without permission is strictly prohibited in our school district. The mental anguish her players are subjected to are above and beyond what a high school team should endure.

Coach Hoffsommer is simply a bully and in today's society and being a bully is also subject to termination in the Olathe School District. Being a bully has lead a lot of teenagers to suicide, depression, weight control issues, poor grades and destroyed self images. She should be removed from the school district for her actions and lack of professionalism and plain coaching skill. In visiting with other parents of the teams of Olathe West VB, not many people like her as a coach or a person and I understand why.

If your daughter is considering playing VB at Olathe West High School, I advise against it. Coach will likely never have a quality season with her habits, means and methods of handling people or student-athletes let alone knowing how to coach the game. The talent she has had on her varsity teams is outstanding and many girls who play for her have played at or competed for National Championships in club ball and yet she can't put together a winning season, while all her other coaches repeatedly have great seasons. Something is wrong there. Due to the belittling and embarrassing methods she uses on her players, the players always play tight and not loose because one mistake may cost them emotionally during practices with her techniques described above.

Hopefully, more parents will speak out against her and force her out of Olathe West. She is unfit to interact with my or your daughter on the court. Please stay away and let's get her out of the school district and if your daughter plays for this monster, let's put an end to this before it get gravely worse.

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