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Teacher: Mr.mudro

Didn't get my locker for dumb reason

Teacher Complaint About: Chester W. Nimitz Middle - Mr.mudro

California, LOS ANGELES
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 8

Occur date: Aug 29 2017
Post date: Aug 31 2017, 01:16:54 AM

Teacher Complaint: Mr.mudro - Chester W. Nimitz Middle

So it was time to get our lockers and my teacher comes and tells us that the girls go first to get their lockers and then the boys. When he called all the boys I went to the line and then he told us to sit down. Then my teacher starts telling us what we were expected to do once we got our lockers and if we were playing around he would take our lockers away and simple things that most people already know. I knew most things like no food and phones and no playing around and things like fighting or things that if we do can make us lose our locker, simple things, ( also, I am not a bad kid or trouble maker so I normally pay anntention to everything and always have been nice and respectful to all teachers and staff, so I never get in trouble) so since I knew most things because I've attended my school for two years (6th to 8th grade middle school) and since I'm an 8th graders knew everything. I looked around and saw my friend and waved as a simple gesture of saying hi like I normally do. I waved my hand for at least 5 seconds and turned back to my teacher. He looked straight at me and said " are you finished" as he noticed that I waved so I nodded my head meaning yes because I know if I were to speak, talking back would flow through this mind. He then provides to yell , sit down on the bleachers, your getting your locker tommorow. I rush to sit down and my classmates ask me what happened. All think that I did nothing wrong as I do too. Also, I know he took it as I was not paying attention as anyone would but I would think waving isn't really a big deal. I asked him the next day for one but he said " why didn't you get one" and I said, " because I didn't pay attention to you in class. He then said that why should he listen to me if I don't listen to him and told me to just sit down and I was pretty mad but just smiled said " okay" and turned around and sat down. I just did this so that I can relieve the anger in side of me and I don't know what to do now.

Address: 6021 CARMELITA AVE. - California, LOS ANGELES Phone: 323-585-0957

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