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Teacher: Mr.conor School Counselor

Discouraged my 16 year old from her dream of teaching

Teacher Complaint About: Holt Central High School - Mr.conor School Counselor

Michigan, INGHAM
Author: Madison
Grade: 11

Occur date: Dec 09 2015
Post date: Dec 10 2015, 12:28:17 PM

Teacher Complaint: Mr.conor School Counselor - Holt Central High School

I called Mr. Conor in hopes to help get my daughters grade up in one of her classes.
I told Mr. Conor that I was recently put on bed rest by my Dr. Because of my pregnancy and some minor complications. And in 2014 I had some very personal issues that had affected My daughter but that was over a year ago and was not a concern at this point in time in anyway. We received counseling by a trained professional and was not in anyway something that needed to be brought up. And t was never even brought up in my recent conversation with him .

My daughter does not make things up or lie about things like this. She came home feeling so uncomfortable after her conversation with Mr.Conor. She asked me why I got him envolved and she said she felt worse after speaking to him.She told me he basically was only asking about his concern with my bed rest and the condition of our home, he said if your mom is on bed rest that must be hard on you and your home is probably un-kept and dirty! Couldn't make this up! And I asked her 3 times are you sure he said that?!
He then started asking her about my relationship with my husband if we get along and how she feels about her step dad like he is abusing her in some way! He then started bringing up past painful issues and making her feel that was causing her grade to be failing.
He asked her what she wanted to do after she graduated, she told him she has always wanted to teach. She said he made a face rolled his eyes and smerked and said you won't be able to teach it will be to difficult for you and teachers make no money and are miserable that's just a bad idea!!! What?!! I asked her did he say you'd be good at something else or encourage something else? No mom he didn't.
My daughter has wanted to be a teacher since she was a little girl!
So my problem is I thought guidance counselors are supposed to be supportive and encourage kids not interrogate and discourage her future goals!

I'm really upset that I even contacted him, now my daughter will never get those words out of her head she will never make it as a teacher and isn't good enough, it will be too hard. He destroyed her dream in a matter of a 15 minute conversation.
He should find a different profession.

Address: 2168 N. CEDAR STREET - Michigan, INGHAM Phone: 517-699-1515

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