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Teacher: Monica Bui

Discrimination autistic cheerleader by Monica Bui

Teacher Complaint About: Garden Grove High - Monica Bui

California, ORANGE
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: N/A

Occur date: May 28 2016
Post date: May 28 2016, 03:07:09 PM

Teacher Complaint: Monica Bui - Garden Grove High

Student violated: Othelia James, Special education student, Autism
Complaint against Monica Bui, Cheer Coach – Garden Grove High School - Harassment and discrimination against Othelia James
Intentionally and maliciously humiliated my daughter in public on numerous occasions by refusing to choreograph any moves for her to perform while the other girls are stunting. The attached video of the most recent performance shows my daughters spending most of her time doing an inane practice technique that has no bearing on the routine the rest of the squad is doing, further isolating and alienating Othelia.
Refuses to include Othelia as often as possible (I.E. Skips over my daughter’s turn in practice,…)
Knowingly locked my daughter’s bow in the cheer room and then had the JV captain tell her my daughter she could not cheer because she did not have her bow.
Speaks rudely to and about my daughter in the presence of the other cheerleaders. Is incessantly condescending to my daughter. (“Make sure she gets to her spot so she doesn’t hurt anyone” in a nasty tone….)
Ignores my daughter when she speaks
Refuses to speak to or give instruction to my daughter.
Mocks and makes fun of the way my daughter speaks, by obviously rolling her eyes, wincing…
Attempted to have a rule of tryouts only for competitions implemented in April 2014, just to keep my daughter out.
Cancelled competitions 2 yrs in a row rather than be seen coaching my daughter.
Canceled the majority of the summer practices (last year we practiced all summer, 3 days per week, 2 hours per day. This year we practice the last 3 weeks of august.
Canceled the majority of afterschool practices…last year 5-6 hours per week, this year ½ hour – 1-1/2 hours. Additionally every Tuesday is now study hall during 6th period…one more hour of lost practice per week.
Endangers the other cheerleaders by refusing to include my daughter to spot on a 2 man base stunt, although allows her to spot 3 or 4 man base stunts.
Promoted the entire JV squad (15 girls) to varsity squad to alienate my daughter… which also upset the existing varsity squad.
Made up ridiculous “testing” which supposedly proves my daughter is incapable of stunting, but has yet to allow me to see it or to tell me anything about it despite one verbal and two written requests. (Ms. Lewis told me I could not see the test)
Rude to me from the first day my daughter started on the cheer squad.
Refuses to correct my daughter if she is doing something incorrectly
Intentionally designs routines to exclude my daughter. Dancing portion of routines have been cut to a couple bars, adding more stunting.
Refuses to teach my daughter any stunting.
Encouraged cheerleaders to be rude to me.
Discussed issues between her and myself with cheerleaders, which was not only inappropriate, it served her purposes by turning them against Othelia and I.
Said it was unsafe initially, but recently changed that to all girls are uncomfortable to do a “thigh” stand with my daughter. She should not be speaking to them about it, additionally, would a football player be allowed to refuse to catch a ball thrown by a special needs student?
Last season she told cheerleaders they could not compete because it was ruined by Othelia. Then when I agreed to stay out of the competition they told my daughter not to return to cheer for almost 3 months as they would only be working on competitions.
Encouraged cheerleaders to bully my son on the GGHS campus
Failed to inform us of many events, including practices, get togethers, movie night…
Gave an award to the JV cheer captain for exemplary service last year… the same girl who harassed my son and I numerous times. I had to complain to school administration numerous times. This girl was out of control, in my face numerous documented times. Extremely rude and disrespectful.
Unprofessional – yelling at football crowd, crying and telling the girls she is quitting. Resigned mid-season – telling all girls they would not be able to cheer anymore…rather than coach a special needs girl.
Ignores JV squad at practice, and especially at games. Always on her phone texting or facebook
Ms. Bui took team pictures at cheer camp excluding my daughter. (My daughter was standing with me 20 feet away )- These pictures have been posted on the public facebook page from last year cheer squad
Incited the cheerleaders with hatred toward me and my family…leading to threatening twitter postings by several cheerleaders and the bullying of our family.
Did Ms. Bui back up her friend and colleague, Ms. Lewis, stating my daughter was not asked to move away so a picture could be taken on 10/23/14? There were 45 witnesses.
This coach has made poor decision after poor decision, that seem to be for the sole purpose of alienating and discriminating against my daughter, despite the ramifications to all the other cheerleaders. She is greatly lacking in compassion and should NEVER have contact with special needs students…..EVER!
My evidence is 1 ½ yrs of emails that the district is already in receipt of. All these allegations are documented. Additionally I have pictures and videos of most of the performances and games. Please contact me for any necessary clarification. Back up documentation will be delivered to school by parent asap.

Address: 11271 STANFORD AVE. - California, ORANGE Phone: 714-663-6115

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