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Teacher: Ms. Waibel

Discrimination/hurting a child feelings

Teacher Complaint About: Chasco Elementary School - Ms. Waibel

Florida, PASCO
Author: Alessandra Flores
Grade: 4

Occur date: May 26 2010
Post date: May 28 2010, 07:17:07 AM

Teacher Complaint: Ms. Waibel - Chasco Elementary School

My son came home from school yesterday very upset and disapointed on his 4th grade teacher Ms Waibel, it was his birthday on this day, he proceeded to tell me what happened, he said that after P.E as everyone walked back to class the kids started telling him Happy Birthday and then began to sing, as he looked at everyone he noticed ms. Waibel (his Teacher)not saying or singing with the rest of the class, after they sang he proceeded to go to his seat, on doing that he has to walk by Ms Waibel desk in order to get there and she at no point or time said anything to him like the rest of the classmates. His feeling were hurt on his special day and i am very upset as a mother that my son had to feel this way. He also told me that every one of his classmate birthdays she had given them a little pencil and a card and said happy birthday so his question is why she excluded him on his day. Please understand my concern for this matter its not about why he didnt get a pencil or card but how do i explain to my son why his teacher said nothing to him she's been his teacher for the whole school year she is there to teach, listen and help them any way posible, you can say that she is like the students second mother's who they also look up to. I belive every child should be treated equally regardless of race, beliefs, or ethnicity,etc..I am voicing my opinion as a concerned mother, i would hate this to happen to any other child in the future.

Thank you for taking the time to read my concerns.

Alessandra Flores!

Address: 7906 RIDGE ROAD - Florida, PASCO Phone: 727-774-1200

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