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Teacher: Ms.bacca

Disrespected and Verbally Abused

Teacher Complaint About: Baldwin Ms - Ms.bacca

New York, NASSAU
Author: Dylan
Grade: 8 - Bus: 16

Occur date: May 16 2014
Post date: May 16 2014, 10:27:02 PM

Teacher Complaint: Ms.bacca - Baldwin Ms

This teacher deicides to take it upon herself to ruin my 8th period spanish class. She is verbally abusive to me and to the rest of the class. For example today our class used the Pc in class today and well i clicked something logging out and the screen messed up. I get it thats my fault but her reaction was way out of line. As i was walking out of the school at the end of the day i hear screaming. She made a huge scene over a minor problem. Kids around were laughing and making jokes. i was embarrassed. (by the way the screen was fixed with a press of the power button). Also in the past she said during class to me "hey dylan why do u like looking at p.e.n.1.s all day. i was just laughing at a comical drawing before class started. She also one time grabbed my upper arm muscles(uh hello sexual harrassment ) i reported her to the guidance consulor and she said Ms.Bacca would appologize. Well during the apology she made fun of me and i was bullied again the week after and sstill im harrassed.

Address: 3211 SCHREIBER PL - New York, NASSAU Phone: 516-377-9321

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