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Teacher: Hill / Mcniel

Disrespectful and demeaning principal

Teacher Complaint About: Howard L Hall Elementary - Hill / Mcniel

North Carolina, CUMBERLAND
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 2

Occur date: May 15 2015
Post date: May 18 2015, 11:27:53 AM

Teacher Complaint: Hill / Mcniel - Howard L Hall Elementary

My son, of second grade, was suspended for having a social emotional incident. He became overly frustrated and threw three library books, one of which struck a fellow student. He has been been steadily making progress and this is his first offense. Where I do not condone the actions of my son nor do I support the reprimand by the principal.
Within a personal meeting with my son, she informed him she had the authority to make him go to school everyday, and give him zeros. Forcing him to repay 2nd grade.
I called thirty minutes after my son had been picked up by his mother to speak with the principal and teachers directly involved. I asked her about her that to flunk my son, to which she replied she was using it as a motivating tool. I inquired if there were any options for an alternate punishment. She consistently avoided the topic by retelling several different versions of what happened. I inquired if she had lined into alternates, she avoided the topic by again retelling different versions of what happened. She constantly spike over me in a demeaning fashion. I may have came off as a concerned parent, but my tone was purely objective. I just wanted clarification. Twords the end of our conversation she began speaking over me on purpose, interrupting to ask, "do you have any other questions?" I asked if i could speak with the teacher directly involved. She said yes,that I would be contacted. I asked her again if she knew accurately the events of the day, and was told to talk to the teacher and that she had nothing further on the matter to discuss.
at the end of the school day I had not heard from the teacher. I called several times, but in honesty she was busy with aiding the students leaving. I understood and left a message for her to call me, but never recieved anything.
Aside from my grief with the principal, who side stepped her ditties to overly punish a student to make an example, the teacher put my son in a situation where he had no outlet.
Instead of showing him the unfinished cl*** work,he claims he had finished, she took his pencils and told him to finish his work. How do you take all of his writing utensils and demand he finish cl***work? How do you avoid a concerned patent? How do you justify any of the gaps and missing information?

Address: 526 ANDREWS ROAD - North Carolina, CUMBERLAND Phone: 910-822-5100

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