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Teacher: Mr. Moretti

Disruption, Humiliation, Inappropriate behavior

Teacher Complaint About: Palm Beach Maritime Academy - Mr. Moretti

Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 10

Occur date: Dec 16 2016
Post date: Dec 17 2016, 07:40:30 PM

Teacher Complaint: Mr. Moretti - Palm Beach Maritime Academy

This has happened since the first year I have attended this school, the teachers are relatively well and proficient all except this one.

Our daily work consists of the following types: Writing down Power Point slides of he had plagiarized from the textbook and answering questions easily accessible in the book. When we do this, he constantly walks around saying "if you are not writing you are doomed" pacing around.

Since I am a fast writer I usually finish relatively quickly, and then feel as though I waste much of my time waiting for the class, and believe me when I say I recognize what i write. As I get fidgety and wish to do things with my time such as draw or read. One day he had presented a slide I had finished yesterday that he plainly knew I did, since I was finished and knew well what the slide entailed I had pulled out a book, this for some reason prompted him to treat it as if it were some sort of mind melting cellular device, walking to the door for "privacy" (Whats so private about talking in the hallway with the door open?), he had disrupted the class way more than my book would have.

Just a few days ago after our midterm, he had told us things that would be on our final, with MANY of them not being taught to us. Such as diseases and methods of preventing them. When he attempted to explain these things he had left even the smartest kids baffled and unable to read the notes they had taken down. He had told us to look up the things he was saying on the computer right then and there, so when I exited the window to make another for the use of a search engine he had snapped at me, "STOP CLICKING AROUND AND PAY ATTENTION", the hypocrisy was simply beyond levels of sane.

Most importantly I believe a teacher saying "good girl" is not an expression appropriate to the setting of many teen girls.

Address: 7719 S DIXIE HIGHWAY - Florida, PALM BEACH Phone: 561-547-3775

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