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Teacher: Craig Charvat

Does Not Teach

Teacher Complaint About: Ctr Moriches Ms - Craig Charvat

Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 7

Occur date: Jan 22 2016
Post date: Jan 22 2016, 06:27:08 PM

Teacher Complaint: Craig Charvat - Ctr Moriches Ms

Craig Charvat is the worst teacher I've ever had. In class, this man sits at his computer while we do nothing productive. We do pointless stuff while he sits at his computer reading emails and appealing his awful teacher rating. Sometimes he puts on a video that has no value toward my learning. Sometimes he makes us do textbook work without even knowing what the lesson is about. But most of the time, he makes us color. Half of the days I've spent in his class, I've colored pointless drawings. Around Christmas time, our class spent a whole week making Christmas cards for veterans. I'm not saying that sending messages to veterans are bad, but that is our time to learn and get better at American History. He lets kids run around in class and throw things. He has absolutely no discipline. He sometimes throws things and tells students to go away when he is doing something. He also gives us no homework. I, personally, find that very immature. I'm sure kids retain information during class and then forget it all the next day. I think homework is necessary for students to learn. In conclusion, Craig Charvat is incompetent, a horrible teacher, and has no care for the development of students.

Address: 311 FROWEIN RD - New York, SUFFOLK Phone: 631-878-2519

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Craig Charvat
Teacher In Complaint
Feb 26 2016, 12:13:27 AM
You are clearly not a student but a parent. I was able to track your Internet address and know who you are. You have no clue how to parent, let alone teach. Look up the research on homework you moron. There is clear evidence that it has no educational value. As far as watching videos: its 2016 genius. Kids are digital learners. I use multiple modalities to teach. I notice you did not mention the two week research project that we did in class where the students learned how to do proper research, annotations and MLA citations. Is that because you have no idea what any of those things are? I promise you that you will regret this post. You are a buffoon and a loser and you just created a real problem for yourself. I have contacted my attorneys and we will be filing a libel suit against you. Start packing up your trailer because I will own it soon.

Former student
A Student
Aug 04 2016, 04:50:19 PM
I'm not that poster but you are the biggest most arrogant ******* teacher ever. I am a former student and seriously you could probably use a psych evaluation or two.

From the way you wrote that last post, you would make a good dictator as you want to oppress everyone who exposes you like the fraud you are.

There's a professional way to go about addressing complaints, but the manner in which you conduct yourself is completely unprofessional.

P.S There's probably a reason why the schools gave you an ineffective and unsatisfactory rating.

craig charvat
Teacher In Complaint
Nov 03 2017, 06:22:08 PM
yet another coward behind a keyboard. I gave myself an ineffective rating you dolt. I have your IP address now as well you simpleton. I will be visiting you soon. Let's see how big of a mouth you have when i am standing in front of you. you fukcing donkey

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