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Teacher: Ellen Miley

Excessive accusation

Teacher Complaint About: Marshall Simonds Middle - Ellen Miley

Massachusetts, MIDDLESEX
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 7

Occur date: Jun 18 2012
Post date: Jun 18 2012, 02:35:51 PM

Teacher Complaint: Ellen Miley - Marshall Simonds Middle

Today during math class Ms. Miley pulled me and 3 others out of the class. She first asked us all if we took the graph paper off her desk, we replied saying yes because we did not see what was wrong. She then said that we grabbed the wrong pieces of paper and that we were supposed to get a blank piece of paper instead of a graph one. The reason me and my friends even took the papers because her shelf and desk and are right next to each other and she pointed to the shelf but I thought she pointed to the desk. So then I grabbed the piece of paper off her desk and did my work. So then when she took us out she claimed that we stole from her property and that we were to write her a note saying sorry and that we needed a parent signature. This is the first time in my life that I have been accused to be a their especially when it was a simple misunderstanding, to make it worse she said that she was ready to send us to the principal's office and what really upset me was that while she was saying it she smiled like she was proud about it. I also hope you know that this is not the first time. She has been mean, unreasonable, and just plane evil to us all year. I have had enough. Every single student has. I strongly recommend that something is done. I was seriously hurt today and the fact that she was smiling while she did it was that much worse. Thank you for listening and please do something!

Address: 114 WINN STREET - Massachusetts, MIDDLESEX Phone: 781-270-1782

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