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Teacher: Michael Giusti


Teacher Complaint About: Burlingame Intermediate - Michael Giusti

California, SAN MATEO
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 7

Occur date: Mar 16 2011
Post date: Mar 16 2011, 05:24:43 PM

Teacher Complaint: Michael Giusti - Burlingame Intermediate

Mr. Giusti doesn't teach. We go to class and do a warm up, then he shows us the work he did to solve it. No explanation of why he moved numbers around or how he got the answer. Just numbers on the board. He then proceeds to go over last nights homework, despite the fact that everyone checked their answers already (their in the back of the book). Then he reads some of the next chapter, ignoring the fact that everyone reads the book as they do homework. they need to try and see how to do it because he isn't explaining it. the book isn't that good, so it's hard to learn with just a textbook. Then he lets us have the rest of class do homework. He doesn't go through and explain a single problem any day he 'teaches".
His homework system is also terrible. He makes you do homework every day, but only grades the homework from last night he collects once every three weeks! You're doing all this extra homework FOR NO GRADE! But if you don't do it and he collects it, you get a zero. He insults students he doesn't like, calling them names (he's going to be in the army because he's dumb so I'll call him private) and (put your hand down) and eww, you're talking. Everyone thinks he's terrible and they have to ask others like parents for help to pass his tests. Letting kids parents teach his students isn't the point of the teacher! Nobody thinks he's a good teacher and they have to ask parents for help. just ask a few people in his class, especially algebra (because it's harder) if he's a good teacher. If you really want to contact me, go to 2nd period algebra and ask for anyone who submitted a bad review of him online to come to the office after his class (more than 1 person did). I hope he goes back to school or gets replaced. Thank you for reading.

Address: 1715 QUESADA WY. - California, SAN MATEO Phone: 650-259-3830

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Teacher In Complaint
Mar 22 2011, 05:55:22 PM
im struggling in his class. BADLY. today during the ALGEBRA (which he doesnt even teach us) test, i was sitting in my chair doing nothing and he didnt even care. this of course being that i dont understand anything in his class. i want to switch to another teacher, because im really stressed and upset.

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