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Hollis Elementary

Teacher: Cindy Skoolicas

Extremely rude and uncaring

Teacher Complaint About: Hollis Elementary - Cindy Skoolicas

Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 3

Occur date: Jun 07 2016
Post date: Jun 07 2016, 03:44:39 PM

Teacher Complaint: Cindy Skoolicas - Hollis Elementary

I have several complaints. First at the beginning of the year my son brought homework home that he couldn't understand and neither could I. He is in special education to get extra help with math. I was as well and couldn't figure the assignment out so I wrote a note. The next day in class she saw my sons paper with my note and remarked "your mother can't do this either?!" It was very embarrassing for my son.

At a meeting to discuss special education and extra help with math, Ms Skoolicas insinuated that my son was on the "mentally challenged" level of learning disabled. It was explained that a level 5 (or whatever it was) rating was for kids with severe impairments and that my son wouldn't be considered that, she gave a look as though to say "are you sure about that?" In reality he is behind because he missed time when his father died. She also told me I let him play too many video games and then said something to him in class about things I had said in a private meeting.

My son has been getting special help with math (the class she teaches) and was not supposed to have regular assignments sent home because he isn't able to do them because he's behind. She sent them home anyway. I talked to her and she stopped sending them. Then she started sending them again after putting my son on the spot and asking if he could do them.

Next, my son was assaulted by another student in her class. She not only didn't notify me, she also didn't notify the principal in the incident report. My son was clearly hit in the face and spit at, but she maintained that the student was trying to hit and spit at her even though this student has picked on my son all year.

Lastly she had to speak to my son in her class because he wasn't doing the work he was supposed to be doing. She spoke to him and told him what he needed to be doing and he replied "yes ma'am" (he's just started karate lessons and referring to parents and teachers as sir and ma'am is something they're teaching him) She told him he was being rude.

She's extremely unprofessional. She's rude. She's got zero maternal or nurturing instincts and I am so glad this year is almost over so my son can be out of her class.

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