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Teacher: N/a

Failure to reach academic needs and promote safety

Teacher Complaint About: Paoli Jr & Sr High Sch - N/a

Indiana, ORANGE
Author: N/a
Grade: 11 - Bus: N/A

Occur date: Sep 07 2017
Post date: Sep 07 2017, 06:42:21 PM

Teacher Complaint: N/a - Paoli Jr & Sr High Sch

Teachers fail to reach academic needs. They are required to teach out of a textbook given, although some don't use the required curriculum, then proceed to test students over things totally unrelated to the subject learned. More often then not students will be taught for a minimum amount of time, and then the teachers play on phones etc. Paoli jr-sr highschool recently had to create a math 10 class because the majority of students failed the Istep, but not only do they fail academically academically,but they fail when it comes to promoting safety, I remember a student took out a piece of paper and lit it on fire and the teacher said "you can't do that here" no further disciplinary actions were issued to this student,this student continued these actions afterwards,students will have sex in bathrooms and this will result in no disciplinary issues whatsoever. Bullying is never really stressed appropriately, I walk in the halls and I see constant bullying and the school acts as if it has a low tolerance for such behavior but they really do nothing about the situation when they are addressed. This school doesn't provide a a proper learning environment. Some classes have moved out tables and chairs and put in beanbag and couches, students have trouble with this because not only is the classroom small, but you are cramped up with almost 25 students in a small classroom on a beanbag or a couch. Which brings me back to safety, these couches are highly unsanitary, they were bought by a teacher from a yard sale and they are dirty and worn.
Also, when the state comes in for inspection the school hides their vending machines full of unhealthy junk food in the basement of the school. Not only this but the teachers will pretend to be teaching appropriately and punish students if they dont make it look like we know what we are doing. As you know already what happened this year with our superintendent, I think higher measures need to be taken to provide a better learning and much more environment and for each student at paoli jr sr highschool, this has been an ongoing issue for over 5 years. Thank you for your time!

Address: 501 ELM ST - Indiana, ORANGE Phone: 812-723-3905

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