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Teacher: Erin Haydon Kim Hogue

False Christian Teachings Be Aware.

Teacher Complaint About: Brookville High School - Erin Haydon Kim Hogue

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Occur date: Aug 31 2015
Post date: Sep 12 2016, 11:12:51 PM

Teacher Complaint: Erin Haydon Kim Hogue - Brookville High School

BEWARE of Erin Haydon, Kim, Hogue Bill Hogue

False teaching from the Church at Kay's restaurant Pastor by the Hogue's, called North Valley Baptist Church, these individuals are Fake and there Teachings are False. At the Emily Kings Virgil many people was aware of Kim Bill Hogue Manipulative ways of soothing over being Councilor's

My Family knows these individuals and there fruits are not of the Holy Spirit, there Father is of the Devil not Jesus, and not Obedient Christians. Erin and her Mom Kim along with Bill are teaching Maya Kate Haydon to have nothing to do with there Paternal Grand parents, There Liars when they can't even admit there dis=like of these people and turning Josh and these children against his own Family. This should reveal what kind of people they are who claims Christianity.

These children need protection from there False teaching and Hatered within there Hearts. Me and my Family see these people every time we are at the Ball Games and we see how Evil they are, the Public as well as the school system need to be aware of these people are there conduct.

The Bible teaches Division among families and its the Devil so therefore with Erin/Josh Haydon and The Hogue's Division among Josh Haydons Family is of the Devil which par takes in there lives, this is not Christian at all. Josh needs to wake up and see what Erin and Her family is doing to him and against his Family. We Pray for Josh.

There is no Christian Behavior in any of these individuals, and they are the ones bringing Shame to the whole situation not Josh Haydon's Family as they Blame The Haydon's and Josh's Mother,

The Brookville School district needs to be aware of Erin, Kim and Bill's behavior when it comes to Josh Haydon's Family. Please remove these people who has no Creditably as being Christians. Bill Kim Hogue has no Creditably to even be Pastor's . Me and my Wife are Exposing there Deceitful ways.

Where ever you see Erin u are bound to see Kim, they are two of a Kind when it comes to there behavior when dis liking someone there Evil people they talk about Josh Haydon's Family yet look at there Lives/conduct.

Kim Hogue and Erin has also been very dis respectful to Dave Goehring Erin's Father, first a Messy divorce second unforgiveness of both Erin and Kim, they mis treat Dave as well, for many yrs, so when looking at the big picture the problem people always comes in Two's, which tells you Erin, Kim, Bill are the problems for these other individuals.

We Observe every time we are at a Game, and we see these individuals, and there conduct with each other. The Baptist Church on Albert St can tell you alot about this Family.

Address: 106 S HILL ST - Ohio, MONTGOMERY Phone: 937-833-6761

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