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Teacher: Brett Smith

Falsely recording grades

Teacher Complaint About: Johnsburg Jr High School - Brett Smith

Illinois, MCHENRY
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 5

Occur date: Apr 30 2018
Post date: Apr 30 2018, 11:45:24 PM

Teacher Complaint: Brett Smith - Johnsburg Jr High School

If you want a teacher that will always give your child an "A" no matter what then 5th grade teacher Brett Smith is the one you want. He gives A's for missing work, incomplete assignments as well as worksheets and tests that clearly have the wrong answers on them. Parents watch your child's graded tests and worksheets. You'll find that nothing is ever graded at all, or if it is graded, it is graded incorrectly. You will never get a clear indication of how your child is really doing academically. This teacher either never pays attention or is just plain lazy and gives all good grades because he really doesn't want to take the time to grade things properly. It seems as if he always just gives an A for effort. Now all of these students will be completely unprepared for middle school. He was rumored to be a favorite by students because he is "easy" ; and is now known by parents as being "lazy." Every Friday is also known to be a "free Friday" because students of his say they usually just play games all day. I've double checked tests by finding answer keys and grading keys online for math tests which were marked as A's on Skyward, but were really supposed to be D's. Report cards always look awesome because it makes him look awesome as a teacher. I'm not quite sure how a teacher can get away with falsely recording grades all the time like this. The school principal/administration/staff really needs to take a closer look at this guy. He's messing with our children futures.

Address: 2220 W CHURCH ST - Illinois, MCHENRY Phone: 815-385-6210

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