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Teacher: Pamela Gordon

Favors students

Teacher Complaint About: Briarcliff Hs - Pamela Gordon

Author: Undisclosed
Grade: N/A

Occur date: Jan 11 2019
Post date: Jan 11 2019, 03:39:30 PM

Teacher Complaint: Pamela Gordon - Briarcliff Hs

Ms. Gordon is always giving out detentions left to right with a passion. Especially to me... I have received about 4 detentions this year for minor reasons. For example, standing up in class and being 2 minutes late. Other classmates walk in 3-5 minutes late and they don't even receive a warning. She has gone in my book bag to take my food and phone a couple times without my permission. One time i put my head down because i had a serious headache. She came over to me and lifted my arm and head up and i was shocked. Ms. Gordon lets her "favorite" students use the bathroom when they ask. For me and a couple other kids, she ignores. I still don't understand to this day why she dislikes me. Yes, i have talked in class before but everyone in my class does as-well. Even more than me... Yet she still dislikes me and treats me like a teacher shouldn't. I feel that she should be talked to by the administration because this is crazy. She is the only teacher in my school that has a problem with me. I have only received detention for "bad behavior" in her class. Thats why I *KNOW* she picks favorites.

Address: 444 PLEASANTVILLE RD - New York, WESTCHESTER Phone: 914-769-6299

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