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Teacher: Rebekah Hudson

First Grade Teacher/ Minister's Wife suggests spanking

Teacher Complaint About: Glen Arden Elementary - Rebekah Hudson

North Carolina, BUNCOMBE
Author: Jennifer Calvert
Grade: 1

Occur date: Feb 24 2009
Post date: May 08 2009, 12:27:58 AM

Teacher Complaint: Rebekah Hudson - Glen Arden Elementary

On February 24, 2009, at 10:06 am, I received a phone call from my daughter's school. I answered the call, realized it was my daughter's teacher. I immediately began to panic, thinking that my daughter is sick or injured. I immediately asked her if my daughter was okay, I had to repeat the question over and over. Finally, I asked her in a raised voice. She said that she was fine. She just was making small talk in a whiny sing-song voice. She was saying that my daughter was doing better in school, she was over some issues that had happened previously. However, there was an issue that day. She questioned my parenting ability, and she said that she felt that my daughter had violent tendencies, and that she was a threat to my other children. She offered the solution of spanking her as punishment. I immediately took issue to this statement, and was extremely offended. I spoke with the Assistant Princ. and she assured me that something would be done. May 7, 2009 after not hearing a word about this. I was summoned to the Principal's office where I found out that Mrs. Rebekah Hudson, has been trying to get my daughter out of her class since the beginning of the year. Because she could not handle her. I asked the Principal if her complaints of my daughter started around the time of this incident. And she would not comment. I assumed that the Asst. Principal had not conferred with the Principal about the situation. I explained the situation to her. And I asked her why there had not been a conference about the situation. If a parent is extremely upset due to the actions of a teacher, in my opinion a conference between the parent, teacher, and the Principal is warrented. She shrugged this off and suggested we get the Asst. Principal in the office with us and have a conference about it then. At this time, my daughter is right outside of the door crying. And, her teacher no where to be seen. I asked what my options were at this point, since there are a little more than 20 days left of school. Obviously, this teacher has it out for my 7 year old daughter, because of my calling her out because of this phone call. She is trying to have her suspended. What kind of mother would I be if I left her in the care of this person. The Principal said that if I take her out of the school, she would repeat the 1st grade over again. I tried to tell the Principal of the many instances that I questioned the integrity of this woman. My daughter had been stabbed in the eye by another student, she had heard sexually explicit terms from another little boy. About two days ago, she was pushed down 4 times by another little boy. on the last day, that I volunteered in my daughter's classroom, I had a little boy tell me that if he a match, he would set me on fire. As far as I know, these instances were left unpunished. However, my daughter who never had a problem in a previous school system, is the crazy child who will hurt her brother and sister. But needs to be hit as a form of punishment. My daughter has come home crying and asking about death. I wondered where that came from. The next day, I get a note from this teacher, saying that she appreciated the thoughts from her students in regard to her father's illness. In my opinion, a teacher should not be discussing her personal issues, especially in regards to death and sickness, to a room full of 7 year olds. I hate to say it but I had my doubts about this teacher from the first day that I met her. You would think on "meet your teacher day" that the teacher would want to look professional and presentable. The day that my husband I met her, she was dressed in a Mickey Mouse scrub shirt and crocs. And she told me that she was proud that she dress in that manner of attire. If I knew then, what I know now, I would have run far, far away from Glen Arden Elementary School, and Mrs. Rebekah Hudson.

Address: 50 PINEHURST CIRCLE - North Carolina, BUNCOMBE Phone: 828-654-1800

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