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Design Technology High School

Teacher: Freedom Cheteni

Freedom Cheteni

Teacher Complaint About: Design Technology High School - Freedom Cheteni

California, SAN MATEO
Author: Victor
Grade: N/A

Occur date: Oct 04 2017
Post date: Oct 06 2017, 01:04:03 PM

Teacher Complaint: Freedom Cheteni - Design Technology High School

Freedom Cheteni is now at Design Tech High. I have him as an Algebra 3/4 teacher. I myself am a Sophomore and Trans. He treats the majority of students who have troubles with learning like garbage. When they ask him to clear his instructions, he doesn't. He just repeats himself very slowly; almost as if he is talking to a bunch of three year olds.

A lot of my fellow students have actually been ditching his class entirely; and instead taking a FIT class and doing Khan Academy Algebra work instead. And some have had a talk with the staff and been moved out of his class entirely, and are now using online programs to learn.

Freedom Cheteni is also one of the worst teachers I have ever had an experience with. For above reasons of course. His assignments are also out of whack as well, and his instructions are generally unclear.

He is not an effective teacher, and not a nice person. A lot of people at my school agree with me as well, but can't leave his class; as he is the only Algebra 3/4 teacher.

To conclude, Freedom Cheteni is one of the worst persons I have had to deal with to date.

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Teacher In Complaint
Nov 11 2017, 12:55:51 AM
Freedom is kind and effective. His assignments are meaningful and most of us have published peer reviewed Math papers through the Stanford Press from his class. Anyone who wants to read the work we have completed can look at the Stanford Design Thinking Applied Mathematics Journal at freedomc.stanford.edu

I prefer kind than nice. Kindness empowers others being nice is not being authentic. I also think most of Victor's comments are not true and she needs to apologize.

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