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Teacher: Gale Myles

Gale Myles

Teacher Complaint About: Viewlands Elementary School - Gale Myles

Washington, KING
Author: K.m.
Grade: 2

Occur date: Mar 15 2013
Post date: Jun 18 2017, 02:05:44 PM

Teacher Complaint: Gale Myles - Viewlands Elementary School

Gale Myles is one of the most mentally unstable teachers in the district. She favors white kids, at the same time targets black and brown kids. Her time is better spent improving instruction rather than arguing with teachers. Gale got in trouble for strong handling a black child. When she was called out on her bad behavior, she moved to Hawaii to Pomaikai Elementary. No surprise, she pulled the same stunts there. During her time there, she got in trouble for cursing like a sailor and using the N word in one of her drunken rants at a staff party. She only lasted a year. The staff was glad to see her go. Now she’s back in Seattle Schools at Viewlands at it again. She can be heard complaining, putting down other teachers, and then crying when things don’t go her way. Get. rid. of. her.

Address: 10525 3 AV NW - Washington, KING Phone: 206-706-4370

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