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Teacher: Curt Carbone

General Misconduct

Teacher Complaint About: Lister - Curt Carbone

Washington, PIERCE
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 3

Occur date: Sep 01 2003
Post date: Jul 04 2012, 12:38:38 AM

Teacher Complaint: Curt Carbone - Lister

Well, I must say firstly that I am not enthused about potentially hurting some ones future endeavors or career by any means, but I felt this was something that needed to be released as public info as it may prevent another Child from experiencing the same torrment I did.

Upon my Graduating last Month I sat back and reflected on my entire School experience. One particular incident(s) keeps finding it's / their way into my mind without pause... it's becoming rather annoying. Maybe relaying these thoughts will help them cease.

It would have been September of '03' when I was a 3rd Grade Student of Mr. Carbone's. I'm going to be frank with you... he was a horrible Man. He verbally threatened and harassed us on a daily basis. Not in the manner that is expected from a person in a Teaching position, but in an almost illegal manner. I remember him going into a rage and throwing a dryboard marker at a Girl's head which lead to that Girl's Mother visiting the School and Mr. Carbone almost fired.

He personally told my Grandfather that I would "amount to nothing" and that I was "a liar" in a conference. I would be punished for months afterward but never knew why exactly. He would throw his chair around if he got stuck in it due to his size and would go nuts more often than not. God forbid you mispronounced his name. Etc...

For the record, I never had a problem before or after Mr. Carbone. I Graduated with honors and will be starting my career here shortly.

I think someone may want to look into this Man and his past & present performance.


Address: 2106 E 44TH ST - Washington, PIERCE Phone: 253-571-2066

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