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Arab Elementary School

Teacher: Sarah Sparks

Harassment and being targeted by teacher Sarah Sparks 5th grade teacher

Teacher Complaint About: Arab Elementary School - Sarah Sparks

Author: Billy Walker
Grade: 5 - Bus: N/A

Occur date: Mar 12 2020
Post date: Mar 13 2020, 09:35:06 AM

Teacher Complaint: Sarah Sparks - Arab Elementary School

I'm a concern parent for my child and his well being while attending Arab Elm School system, due to the constant PPR reporting by (Teacher) Sarah Sparks who is a 5th grade educator at the Arab Elementary School in Arab Alabama. Allow me to educate you on how (Teacher Sparks) has been harassing and targeting my child via PPR reporting system, the school it's self allows teachers to use this report to notify parents and school staff of a child's behavior while in class. Teacher Sparks has on many different occasions reported false information on my child (Alex Walker) that he had pushed another student down while in class among other things.
As a parent when Teacher Sparks reported my child had pushed another student down while in class My wife and I (Lori Walker) became very concerned of my Childs behavior and had questioned him in regards to this behavior, when I question my child, He had told my wife and I the child had fell down an he was trying to help the student up, after further investigation by talking to the other child parent and the child there self, ( my child was trying to help the other child up ) and just found out this week, my child has been being bullied by another student for his lunch money who's name is Kenny, which is in my child math & science class that teacher sparks teaches ! When my child refused to buy Kenny anything at lunch time, Kenny would report false information on my child to ( teacher Sparks ) and she would write a PPR on my son without even investigating if the allegation had been true or not, So the child bully (Kenny) was using ( Teacher Sparks ) as a tool to further taught my child for his lunch money … my child loved school and never wanted to miss a day even when he was sick but now he don't want to attend class anymore an has on several occasions begged us not to make him go to school ! Something has to be done about this whole ordeal !!!

March 13, 2020 Sincerely, MR & MRS Walker.

Arab Elementary School - SCHOOL INFORMATION:
Address: - Alabama, MARSHALL Phone:

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