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Teacher: Mrs.matthews/mrs.smith

Haughty, Demeaning "educators"

Teacher Complaint About: Swansboro Elementary - Mrs.matthews/mrs.smith

North Carolina, ONSLOW
Author: Vanessa
Grade: K

Occur date: May 14 2018
Post date: May 14 2018, 07:03:32 PM

Teacher Complaint: Mrs.matthews/mrs.smith - Swansboro Elementary

My daughters teacher refuses to inform me when she is being slapped, punched, or any other violent behavior from other students. The teacher and her assistant demean my child in front of the class (first incident involved makeup- I put eye shadow on MY DAUGHTER, because it makes her happy. My kid, my choice. It does not violate school policy, and I do not think the teacher's personal opinion about MY CHOICE needs to be discussed with my then 5 y.o in front of the whole class. When I text messaged the teacher about the incident{apologizing for any disruptions her makeup may have caused, or if I had offended her} she denied anything had happened, then later admitted she told my child she was too young for makeup and needed to be questioning me and as to why I was doing this to her).
The most recent incident is involving a boy who is being tremendously ugly to her {we live in the same neighborhood, and he has a history of violence} and I sent a note to the teacher asking if she knew what was going on? She replied with a one sentence note stating she is not capable of controlling her k-students.
My daughter then informed me that Mrs. Smith loudly complained in front of the class about my notes to the teacher being "unfair".

I believe the teacher made my daughter a victim and now refuses to help her.
I have discussed previous incidents with Mrs. Highsmith, and she likes to take three days to turn the situation around on the victim, and already tried to accuse me of violence towards my child {my child has come home with marks on her body, and the teacher and the principal explained that my daughter was a liar and did not inform the teacher of the violence towards her and how can they be expected to help if they don't know {even though she admitted in our meeting that she knew certain students were harassing my daughter}, be that as it may, neither the principal or the teachers have assured me of my daughters' safety}

WHAT DO I DO? I do not believe it is fair, that I have to let my daughter stay a helpless victim, or become a bully to gain an education.

Address: 118 SCHOOL RD - North Carolina, ONSLOW Phone: 910-326-1501

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