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Teacher: Matthew Rousek

His teaching method is terrible

Teacher Complaint About: Monroe Middle School - Matthew Rousek

Nebraska, DOUGLAS
Author: Christine
Grade: 8

Occur date: Sep 01 2016
Post date: Nov 19 2016, 09:12:54 AM

Teacher Complaint: Matthew Rousek - Monroe Middle School

Mr. Rousek was a great teacher, funny smart.. until September. He called my best friend 'Zit face' and then started calling her 'ZF'! He then explained to her at the end of class, that he he didn't know it hurt her feelings. Then out of the blue a few weeks later called a student gay! Over all he's flat out rude. His teaching method is terrible, we have closed notes in his classroom. So that means you fill in the the blank, which most people don't learn from, INCLUDING ME! Not only that but Mr. Rousek made up his own grade scale.. uh uh you heard me right, he made up his own instead of using the required grade scale. Basically if you dont miss a question on a test you get an A, if you miss two you get a B, miss three you get a C, miss four you get a D, and if you miss five or more you get an F! So study for those tests, oh wait you can't, cause half the time he's gone coaching! Leaving you with a sub who knows nothing. Don't even bother buying a notebook for his class, we're half way through the year ( it's November 17 2016 as I'm writing this.) and we've only used five pages, and they're not even written in, yeah cause he's lazy we tape papers into our notebooks! I wish you the best of luck with Mr. Rousek, trust me he has favorites...

Address: 5105 BEDFORD AVE - Nebraska, DOUGLAS Phone: 402-557-4600

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