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Teacher: Katie Spencer (sfraga)

Horrible Teacher

Teacher Complaint About: Woodfern - Katie Spencer (sfraga)

New Jersey, SOMERSET
Author: Stephanie
Grade: K

Occur date: Oct 15 2011
Post date: Oct 09 2013, 07:57:51 PM

Teacher Complaint: Katie Spencer (sfraga) - Woodfern

This woman is absolutely disgusting. My child had to go to a therapist for a few months because he suddenly began wetting his bed again. Something that he hadn't done since he was 3 years old. He was also having horrible sleep issues.

It turns out that the "teacher", Katie (whatever her last name is... the school has allowed her to change it back and forth), forced him to stay in his seat during class when he asked to use the potty.

She yelled at him and told him that he had a chance earlier, and he would have to hold it. He ended up soiling his pants. This happened more than once. I called the school about it and they said they would look into it, but when I think back on how she terrorized my child, I feel sick to my stomach.

My son has had a slight learning disability since he was born. Though it's hardly noticeable, he still learns at a slower rate than other children. The teacher would scream at him when he didn't immediately follow her instructions during class. She picked on him incessantly. She needs to be in a mental hospital. She most certainly should not be a teacher. I'm considering suing the school district.

Address: 425 WOODFERN RD - New Jersey, SOMERSET Phone: 908-369-4554

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