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Teacher: Dustin Delaney

Horrible coach and teacher

Teacher Complaint About: Shawnee Mission East High - Dustin Delaney

Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 12

Occur date: Oct 08 2016
Post date: Nov 08 2016, 03:52:14 PM

Teacher Complaint: Dustin Delaney - Shawnee Mission East High

Dustin Delaney wins football games so he's apparently allowed to get away with anything. He's a horrible coach, who doesn't know what the word 'coach' means. I've decided to write this, it's my senior year, so it won't affect me now. He picks his favorites and bullies and harasses everyone else. Being able to play has nothing to do with talent. It's whether he likes you or not. I've heard him tell lots of guys "You've got talent, but I'm not going to play you, because I just don't like you." And that's the way it goes for them. A coach is supposed to 'coach', encourage and inspire. Delaney berates and bullies everyone. He's actually told players they're worthless and should quit. It's a 'no cut' sport, and that's how he gets rid of them. I know a kid who was forced to quit this year, his senior year, and he's played football all through high-school. He'd done NOTHING wrong. He was talented, but Delaney told him he wasn't going to play and should quit. What kind of a coach is that? If you complain, you're bullied off the team by him and his lackey assistant coaches. He's an horrible person.

Address: 7500 MISSION RD - Kansas, JOHNSON Phone: 913-993-6600

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Teacher In Complaint
Nov 14 2017, 03:40:43 PM
Complete agree with the previous comment. Delaney was a horrible coach! But as the commenter said, he won games so he got away with whatever he wanted. He was a terrible person, and bullied people. He quit yesterday, and I'm guessing it's because enough people were complaining about how he treated people, other than his pets on the team. I can't believe people think he's a good an decent person. He's an arrogant jerk.

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